The 10th Asia Pacific Floor Exhibition in 2020, the "good start" of Yuanlei Powder"

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2024-01-29 09:37


The 10th Asia Pacific Floor Exhibition in 2020, the "good start" of Yuanlei Powder"


On August 11, the 10th Asia Pacific floor exhibition ended successfully. In this 3-day event, Yuanlei powder is full of harvest. On the first day of the exhibition, the flow of people passed 10,000, which is an affirmation of the strength of Yuanlei powder, and it is alsoyuanlei powderThe new opportunity.





So what is the reason for the source of Lei powder in the show to stand out?



First the quality.


In 2018, Yuanlei Powder won the "Best Model Enterprise in China's Powder Industry" and "China".
China's barium sulfate industry well-known brand "honor, these years source lei powder products always will be quality.
Prime position. In the series of products, barium content is ahead of peers, specific surface area, average
Particle size, specific gravity, whiteness and oil absorption are controlled throughout the process. Because Yuanlei powder sets the quality as mining
The purchase of raw materials and the production of products to follow the fundamental principles, the source of Lei powder has always believed that only
With the use of high-quality raw materials, in order to produce high-quality products. It is this near holding
The persistence of Yuanlei powder has been recognized by the majority of enterprises.



The second is a good market reputation.


   As an important participant in the coating industry, Guangdong Yuanlei Powder Co., Ltd. also made a stunning appearance at this exhibition. The booth of Yuanlei powder is full of people. With its eye-catching decoration, it has attracted buyers from home and abroad to stop and enter the exhibition hall to understand, visit and negotiate. Affected by the impact of the epidemic, the overall business environment and policy changes, enterprises upstream and downstream of the coatings industry in 2020 have begun to change their business direction, research and development direction. The person in charge of Yuanlei powder said that at present, the research and development of new products in the coating industry pays more attention to green, health and environmental protection, and the market also puts forward higher requirements for product functions. Therefore, Yuanlei powder will timely adjust its strategy and develop some targeted and adaptable products to meet the diverse needs and requirements of customers.




In this exhibition, Yuanlei powder can be said to have returned with a full load, which is also a good start for the 2020. In the face of increased demand from enterprises and increasingly competitive markets,yuanlei powderGeneral Manager Zhou Li said that in 2020, product quality is still the core direction of Yuanlei powder. Quality win, improve service, is the future development trend, in 2020, the source of Lei powder will be committed to building environmental protection green industry chain, to buildyuanlei powderUnique market ecological closed loop.


"Gathering power, wisdom and win-win" to create the first brand in the powder industry! This isyuanlei powderThe vision. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and nowyuanlei powderIt is moving forward step by step to realize its vision.




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