White dew: cool breeze and white dew, may you be carefree in your hundred years.

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White dew: cool breeze and white dew, may you be carefree in your hundred years.




Jade steps produce white dew, acacia yellow leaves fall

The moon, the Ming and the Qing Dynasties, gradually know the beauty of autumn


This year's White Dew time is

2020Monday 7 September

Lunar New Year July 20



Water and soil moisture condensation into dew

Autumn gold, golden white

The white one shows the color, and the air begins to be cold.

-- "Moon Order Seventy-two Hou Jiji Solution"


When the sun reaches 165 degrees of the yellow longitude, it is white dew.

This is the fifteenth of the twenty-four solar terms.

markMeng Qiu has finished, but mid-autumn will begin.



White Dew is a festival that reflects the change of temperature in nature.

As the temperature decreases, water vapor in the ground

or condensation on near-Earth objects

So there is,White dew to, the weather has turned cool




Lou is white tonight, and the moon is my hometown Ming.



Between grass and trees

Dew crystal clear, white and flawless

It's like a pearl, it's a delight.



Decline lotus roll jade flash crystal light

A night of westerly wind and a night of cool

It's cool, don't forget to add clothes



The sound of the wild goose array, the sound of the mosquito wants to be quiet

Zaohong Dot Osmanthus Fragrance

Light sniff, overflowing with cinnamon fragrance



· Bailusanhou ·


One Hou Hongyan


Hong big wild goose small, from the north to the south also

Not called Nanxiang, not its ear

Autumn, the weather in the north gradually cold

Wild geese in rows, migrating south



Second Hou Xuan Bird Return


See the Spring Equinox

At this time from the south to the north also

Yan is the bird of the north, so it is said to return

Swallows also fly south to avoid cold

Waiting for the next spring to return to the old house



Three Hou birds raise shame


More than three beasts as a group

Group, also

The Book of Rites notes:

"Shame, the food of the good."

Those who raise shame, hide it for the winter and moon.

Hundred birds perceive the breath of bleak

Reserve food for the winter



· White Dew Custom ·


Sacrifice to "Waterway Bodhisattva" Yu Wang


White Dew season, around Taihu Lake, Jiangsu

Held a sacrifice to the flood control hero Yu Wang

People go to temple fairs, beat drums and gongs, dance.

Sacrifice to King Yu, also known as "Waterway Bodhisattva"

To pray for a year of good weather



Drink a cup of mellow white dew tea


Spring tea bitter, summer tea astringent

To drink tea, autumn white dew

The tea picked from Bailu is especially clear

Not as good as spring tea fresh and tender without bubble

It's not as dry and bitter as summer tea.

The entrance is owned.Sweet and clear flavor




White dew tea, after a bitter summer suffering

It also adds a bit of unique intensity.

the entrance,rich and mellow

Enjoy the autumn light in the curl of tea smoke




Brew a jar of poetic white dew wine


In the old days, people from the countryside in Jiangsu and Zhejiang

Every year the White Dew arrives

Home wine, for hospitality

People use glutinous rice, sorghum and other grains

Slightly sweet, so it is called"White dew riceWine"

"Cheng wine" brewed by Cheng Jiang water"

Ancient for tribute wine, prestigious into the far



Autumn wind blows, autumn water is cool

Warm a pot of white dew wine on a small fire

Qingfeng Mingyue, good friend

Drink three cups, tipsy is best.

Chant poems and sing songs, talk about heaven and earth

Life, why not poetry wine while years



· White Dew Health ·


White dew is autumn

The lips and skin are easy to dry.

Diet is mainly to invigorate the spleen and moisten dryness

It is appropriate to eat something that is gentle in nature and sweet in taste or warm in taste.

Such as autumn pear, barley, sweet potato, tofu, etc



As the saying goes:"18 pots of summer heat, don't expose yourself to the white dew。”

Bailu is at the turning point of summer and autumn.

Large interday variation of temperature

Pay attention to the timely increase or decrease of clothes to prevent cold



The heat is fading, and the autumn is crisp.

Jade dew is cool, sweet osmanthus fragrance

Climb high and look far, admire the scenery and pick up maple

It is best to go out to see the scenery in the golden autumn.


There is no distance in autumn, and it is cold to go out.


The autumn wind is blowing and the clouds are flying, the vegetation is yellow and the wild goose is returning to the south.


Jade Order Born White Dew, Night Long Invasion Socks


When the dead lotus dew is heavy, you can smell it. Who can't block your dream?


The rain is cold in autumn, the wind is strict and the river is cool.


Ye Ling Bai Lu, Yun San Qing Tian


The reeds are pale and the white dew is frost.

The heat is over, and the clear autumn is cool.



White Dew season,It was cool in the middle of the night,

Dew wet osmanthus

Take a sip of freshly brewed rice wine and ride on the three-point wine.

To the moon:The dew is like a pearl and the moon is like a bow.

To Jiang Yong:Bailu Hengjiang River, Water and Light



Dew from tonight white, the moon from autumn night bright

On the occasion of Bailu, say goodbye to the heat

The blind wind comes, the wild goose comes, the black bird returns

The days pass quietly in the morning dew

The past of life mixed with sorrow and joy

A little bit of starlight turned into memory




Life is like dew, know white and keep black

All things in the world, the heart is clear.

The wind and dew, may you be carefree at the age of 100.



Bailu, Hongyan, Xuanyu, Sacrifice, Weather, No Worry, Area, Change, Waterway

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