Teacher's Day | Paper is short and love is long, thank you for your kindness.

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Teacher's Day | Paper is short and love is long, thank you for your kindness.


Today, Teacher's Day

10 September 2020Thursday

Lunar New Year July 20


Some say
Teaching is a crush
To love a group of people.
The result is only touched by their own


Some say
Teaching is love.
I love that group of people.
Eventually they will leave you



But even so
There are still a group of people, day after day
Stick to a blackboard, three feet platform
let the world be noisy, let the time be old
With their own ordinary and great
Flying out a young dream


They are our teachers.
They have a unified name-teachers



A blackboard, a piece of chalk,

Three-foot platform, a lifetime of pursuit,

The teachers who walked silently in the years,

Already together with youth,

Become our most unforgettable memories.



After picking flowers into honey, for whom hard for who sweet.

There are some reasons why I don't know when I'm young,

Grow up to understand precious.

Those who give us knowledge

The teachers who guided our growth,

Thousands of words, only thanksgiving.




· Holiday Source ·


The ancients cloud,

Teachers, so preach, teach, and dispel doubts.

Respecting teachers and respecting education is a Chinese tradition,

As early as the 11th century BC, during the Western Zhou Dynasty,

proposed"A disciple is a teacher and respects his father.”。



Ancient Great Educator Confucius

What's more, they left behind "teaching without class", "warming up the past and learning the new",

A series of wise sayings such as "learning while learning.

Teachers are hailed by the Chinese as engineers of the human soul.



"Lu's Spring and Autumn Period, Respect for Teachers" cloud:

Life is to support, death is to worship, this is the way to respect the teacher.

In China's thousands of years of history,

"Teacher" is always respected and loved.





January 21, 1985

The Eighth Session of the Sixth National People's Congress

formally adopted the motion of the state council on establishing teachers 'day

and decided10 SeptemberTeacher's Day in our country.



"Ten years of trees, a hundred years of trees"

"learning high is a teacher, and being upright is a model",

"Come with a heart, without half a piece of grass"

generation after generation of puzzle-solvers

Inheriting and practicing their sacred mission.




What is education?


"Like a tree shaking another tree,

A cloud touches another cloud,

One soul awakens another soul,

Only Do not forget your initiative mind,

It's the only way to pass on the fire.




The most glorious profession under the sun,

Facing children, teaching good and evil, passing on knowledge,

Hold on.The light inside,

shoulder the heavy responsibility of inheritance.



The loneliest profession in the world,

Brings out every class of students, experiences every parting,

In the fresh young people to usher in their own old.



The wind sneaks into the night,

Moisten things silently.


We can be who we are now,

There are parents who teach,

Not less the teacher's earnest teachings.


That year, we were young and ignorant,

This year, we began to understand you.


Know your gushing,

Understand your sweat,

Understand your critical teachings,

Understand your good intentions,

Understand your ordinary and great.



a thousand words,

On that day of that year,

the grace of teaching,

Always keep in mind.



September 10, teacher's day arrived,


On this special day,

The gratitude is beyond words,

But allow me to say:


You have worked hard!


Thank you for your love along the way
Thank you for your long-term efforts


Yuan Lei Powder Wish All Teachers

Happy holidays and good health

Peach and plum all over the world!

Paper is short and love is long, we, teachers, understand you, Teachers' Day, ourselves, teachers, them, souls, 10th

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