Heart care employees | There is a kind of happiness called, Mid-Autumn Festival company benefits ahead of schedule!

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2024-01-29 09:35


Heart care employees | There is a kind of happiness called, Mid-Autumn Festival company benefits ahead of schedule!




Mid-Autumn Festival · Full Moon


The autumn wind sends cool fruits, and the sweet osmanthus fragrance welcomes the festival.

When the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching

In order to thank all the staff for their hard work

Yuan Lei Powder Issued Mid-Autumn Festival Benefits to All Employees

Send a strong love and full of blessings


"You ask, how much do I love you?"

"The moon represents my heart."




The Republic Care is never absent




Yuan Lei has always attached importance to employee care

Every Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and other traditional festivals

Will distribute intimate, affordable welfare items

This not only reflects the company's people-oriented corporate culture

It also makes employees feel the warmth of the company's family.

Increased sense of ownership and pride

Also enhanced cohesion and centripetal force


The employees get together,All together DIY lanterns,


Feel the company's respect for everyone's unremitting efforts.








The custom of the Mid-Autumn Festival,Different forms

All of them are entrusted with people's infinite love for life.

Yearning for a better life

For Yuan Lei, the gift of traditional Mid-Autumn blessings

On behalf of all source lei people unite as one


Heart to heart, a family


Blessings to every department

Care goes straight to every employee.

There is also the first cup of milk tea after autumn.

The faces of the employees who received the benefits were brimming with happiness.


All smiles and praises











InYuan LeiThis is not just a platform for everyone to develop.

It's a big family that loves each other.


I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival in advance!

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