National Day: I love you, China!

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2024-01-29 09:35


National Day: I love you, China!


On October 1, 2020,

71st anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

At this moment of universal celebration,

We will be the best wishes

To this deep land of our love,

May she be prosperous and strong without sorrow.



The world is big, but there is only one China,

She's vast, 9.6 million square kilometers,

She has a long history, is one of the four ancient civilizations,

She is a large family of 56 ethnic groups,

She is broad and profound, has a splendid civilization,


As Chinese children, we are proud of her,

Born in China, three life lucky.



Have thought more than once,

Where is the beauty of the motherland?

Let the countrymen chant:"This life without regret into China


the southern region, the northern xinjiang, the northern winter, the southern summer,

There are different water and soil, different customs,

Multi-dynasty capital, thousand years of history,

Tang and Song poetry, rap bounce,

The motherland is colorful and heavy.



She is beautiful in the mountains and rivers,

She is beautiful in the forest, beautiful in the grass,

She is beautiful in the desert, beautiful in the hills,

Her beauty, natural,

Everything is just right.



She owns the village, she owns the city,

She has a quiet smoke house,

There are also thousands of lights of the bustling city,

Different beauty, different places,

But there is always a common name, China!



She has green poplars and red apricots in the spring,

She has lotus blossoms, cicadas in summer,

She has chrysanthemum yellow, melons and fruits in the autumn,

She has winter snow white, winter smoke,

In the changing seasons, watch the time change,

Born in China, grew up in China,

The four seasons here are distinct and different from time to time.



China is not only picturesque,

There is also a fascinating culture.

She has a thousand years of profound accumulation,

She has a rhyme that flows through the ages,

She has a profound aesthetic,

She has the idea that heaven and man are one,

She has the consciousness of respecting the old and loving the young,

She has the tolerance of all things.



She has poetic feelings,

She has the romance of the Book of Songs, Chu Ci,

She has poems by Li Bai and Du Fu,

She has paintings by Zheng Banqiao and Qi Baishi,

She has the calligraphy of Yan Zhenqing and Lin Sanzhi,

She has tunes from Beijing Opera and Huangmei Opera.




Times in the development, but the classic forever,

You can read poetry and find yourself,

You can listen to music, sing, entertain life,

You can play the piano, paint, cultivate your character,

You can still wear a fancy dress,

Curl Tingting, enjoy the flowers and play in the water.



The motherland has left us countless precious legacies,

Pingtan, crosstalk, paper-cut, Suzhou embroidery,

Wood carving, pottery, tie dye, face man......

These are all accumulated little by little over thousands of years,

Waiting for us to explore, learn, inherit.



The motherland also has a number of strong heroes,

Doctor Qu, who threw himself into the Miluo River,

Wen Tianxiang, who has retained his loyalty and history,

Yue Fei, who was furious and devoted to his country,

Su Wu, who had been exiled to the Huns for decades without changing his integrity,


They gave China a proud

And the courage to go forward.



The ancients said, "If you are born in a deserted land overseas,

The land of severe cold and heat, grass, clothing, wood and food,

Living in the cave, far away from Wang hua,

Although born in the world, it is no different from animals.

I'm lucky to be born in China, house and eat,

Cultural relics clothingCrown, blessed without measure,

Very happy!



There are many beautiful places in the world.

However, only feel,

Born in China, three life lucky.


The world is so big,,

Is there Huangshan Mountain? Is there a Yellow River?

Is there a Yangtze River? Is there a Great Wall?

No, neither,

China is unique and irreplaceable.



She has a holiday we miss so much,

Qingming mourning, Dragon Boat Festival,

There is the reunion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the sweetness of the Tanabata.



She witnessed the day we parted and came together,

Leave home, go to school, work, travel, go home,

She has the smell of mother cooking at home,

She had the earnest exhortation of her father when she was on a long journey.



inseparable from the land of china,

The indelible blood of Yan Huang,

Born with a Chinese heart,

Every time I think of it, tears come to my eyes.




Why do I always have tears in my eyes?

Because I love this land deeply......

It's National Day again, my motherland,

May you, never worry forever quiet.



This life without regret into China


Happy holidays!





National Day, she has, China, beauty, we, the motherland, have, have, have, can

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