Double Ninth Festival | is the beauty of the sunset, the most filial piety!

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Double Ninth Festival | is the beauty of the sunset, the most filial piety!


The ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar is the traditional festival of the Chinese nation-the Double Ninth Festival, also known as the "Old People's Day".

Because the Book of changes sets "six" as the yin number and "nine" as the yang number,

On September 9, the sun and the moon merge with yang, and the two and nine phases are heavy, so it is called Chongyang, also called Chongjiu.

The ancients thought it was an auspicious day to celebrate, and began to celebrate this festival very early.



Chrysanthemum, also called yellow flower, belongs to Asteraceae, variety. China is the hometown of chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum cultivation is very common since ancient times. Chrysanthemum is the flower of longevity, and it is praised by the literature as a symbol of unyielding frost, so people love it and praise it, so large-scale chrysanthemum exhibitions are often held. Therefore, Chongyang is also called Chrysanthemum Festival, and chrysanthemum is also called Jiuhua. Chrysanthemum appreciation has become an integral part of the customs of the Double Ninth Festival.



The Double Ninth Festival is also called "Climbing Festival". Many people will climb mountains and towers. Of course, climbing is not only about climbing up, but also about watching the red-leaved wild flowers on the mountain and drinking and eating meat to combine climbing with a night banquet. In the Sui Dynasty, Sun Simiao's "Qian Jin Fang Yue Ling": "On the Double Ninth Festival, you must watch wine climb high and overlook the distance, enjoy the banquet tour, and enjoy the autumn journey."


Eat Double Ninth Cake

Chongyang cake is also called flower cake, chrysanthemum cake and five-color cake. It has no fixed method and is more casual. At daybreak on September 9, the ancients intended to make cakes in September.


Drink chrysanthemum wine

As early as in Qu Yuan's writing, there is already a sentence of "autumn chrysanthemum falling on the evening meal", that is, taking chrysanthemum petals. The Han Dynasty had chrysanthemum wine. When Wei Cao Wu gave chrysanthemum to Zhong Dao in Chongyang, wishing him a long life. In Baopuzi, Ge Hong of the Jin Dynasty recorded the story of people in the mountains of Nanyang, Henan Province, who drank the sweet and valley water of chrysanthemums to prolong their lives.


Flying a Kite

"September 9 is Double Ninth Festival; Put a kite, the thread loves to grow". The kite is now the kite. According to historical records and descriptions in ancient poems, northerners mostly fly kites during the Qingming Festival, while southerners mostly focus on Chongyang. Guangdong, Fuzhou and other places have always retained the folk customs of kite flying in Chongyang.


Respect for the elderly


The Double Ninth Festival advocates the whole society to establish a culture of respecting, respecting, loving and helping the elderly.

On May 20, 2006, the Double Ninth Festival was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list by the State Council. The new "Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly" officially implemented in 2013 clearly stipulates that the ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar is the Day of the Elderly.




Pay attention to their health

Take them to have a physical examination at least once a year, nothing is more important than health!


Share more new things

Patiently teach them to surf the Internet and use smart phones. Fashion society, don't keep them out of the door.


Take pictures often

Time has brought white hair and wrinkles, which are the marks of loving you.


Send some gifts regularly

Send some thoughtful little gifts. Thanks to their upbringing, let you grow up healthily.


More companionship

Often go home to see. The best time is when the family is together.


Remember their thoughts.

Reassure them. Our work, marriage, health, peace, they always miss.




Time value Chongyang

Source Lei powder wishes all the elderly happiness and well-being!



Most of all, Chongyang, they, chrysanthemum, Chongyang Festival, September 9, also known as climbing, health, kite flying

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