Colorful July | Yuanlei Staff Birthday Party

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2024-01-29 09:38


Colorful July | Yuanlei Staff Birthday Party



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July Employee Birthday

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In your most special day

Perhaps busy with work so quietly
Perhaps you have long been forgotten
This day
Yuan Lei to accompany you together





Plus a beautiful cake.

With a dynamic birthday song

Let's just slow down the work





The birthday girl made a sincere wish
Blow out the candles, cut the cake
Suddenly filled with sweet taste





In this big family
We fight together, share the joy together
May we always be like family
Run together, laugh together, grow together




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The difference between barium sulfate(BaSO4) and barium sulfite(BaSO3)

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Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral, which is a kind of clay and clay rock mainly composed of kaolinite clay minerals. Because it is white and delicate, also known as white earth. It is named after Gaoling Village, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province.