Today's first frost, the water returns to the gully, and the wind falls back to the mountain.

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Today's first frost, the water returns to the gully, and the wind falls back to the mountain.


When time comes to the first frost solar term
Autumn slowly away
Winter seems to be within reach.



"In mid-September, the air was clear and condensed, and the dew was frosting"
Autumn leaves dry, wild geese from the north to the south
First frost means a season is coming to an end
But in winter, a new season will sprout again.



As soon as the first frost falls, the jackal is a sacrifice to the beast.
Legend has it that jackals catch prey on the first frost day
To display before eating
The ancients thought
This is also a form of "don't fall"



Second frost, grass and trees fall yellow
Soughing autumn wind blowing, leaves falling
The cold winter is coming
Frost's Descent Three Waiting, Sting Insect Salty
Salty is all, "prone" is to bow
The dormant worm does not move and does not eat.
Hanging your head to slowly start hibernating


"It is better to make up for frost in one year than to make up for frost"
After the frost, the sun converges
It is suitable to nourish the body
Be prepared for winter.
have the idea that
"External evil" is a mixture of "cold evil" and "dry evil" during frost
Therefore, it is necessary to nourish yin and produce fluid.
It also needs moderate compensation to resist "cold evil"
Overall, that is, "sweet and warm"
We should also deal with seasonal changes with peace of mind.



Autumn means harvest.
Autumn also means full.
Even the residual autumn after the frost
In your spare time, you can still find a strong sense of autumn.
"Frost's water returns to the ravine, and the wind falls to the mountain.
Ran Ran's banquet will bring everything back to its origin."
Late autumn season, with a hint of sadness
The water returns to the deep ravine, and the autumn wind drops the leaves.
Time flies, everything goes round and round.


There are reincarnation all year round
Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, time passes
Just a temporary goodbye
All for the next spring
Better meet
"Jingxi white stone, cold red leaves thin.
There is no rain on the mountain road, and the empty green clothes are wet."
The red leaves of a tree become scarce
As if also feel the autumn is about to leave
Through the mountain road
The heart also becomes quiet and peaceful



Autumn chrysanthemum and red leaves are the scenery line in late autumn
Gradually open chrysanthemum can also be as bright as haze
A tree with red leaves, like fire
Climbing high and looking far, all over the mountains and fields are touching colors.



"When the moon falls and the sky is covered with frost, Jiang Feng's fishing fire is worried about sleeping."
Late autumn night scene, silent but everywhere
It is easiest to evoke the thoughts of traveling in detention.
The moon is falling and the sky is cold.
Are your relatives in your hometown well?



"Since ancient times, autumn has been sad and lonely. I say autumn is better than spring."
But the lonely autumn
It's not really that scary.
Only through the autumn
Life will have more harvest and experience
First frost is the last confession of autumn
Winter's prelude is about to play
A clear and clear between heaven and earth
In the introverted season, secretly accumulate strength
There is still sunshine in my heart



The footsteps of autumn fade away

First frost season, wish Jun!





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