Beginning of Winter | Early Winter Coming, Begin to Avoid Cold

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Beginning of Winter | Early Winter Coming, Begin to Avoid Cold


Beginning of winter is one of the 24 solar terms and one of the traditional Han festivals. "Winter, the end, the collection of all things" means that at the beginning of winter, all things are collected to avoid the cold. The time point is between November 7-8 of each year in the Gregorian calendar. After the beginning of winter, the sunshine time will continue to shorten, and the noon sun height will continue to decrease.
In ancient society, the beginning of winter was one of the folk "four seasons and eight festivals", and people generally held sacrificial activities. Lidong is also a "cold clothes festival" for changing winter clothes ". People have to put on new winter clothes and "worship winter" with each other. The emperor will also "give coats" and "hats" on the beginning of winter. Everyone will cherish each other and prepare for the winter.

in a meteorological sense


"The average daily temperature for 5 consecutive days is lower than 10 ℃" is the beginning of winter.
Therefore, at this time of Hangzhou is not really winter
Usually wait until the end of November and the beginning of December.

However, autumn clothes and trousers can already be prepared at this time.


"As soon as the water starts to ice; Second, the ground begins to freeze. Three waiting pheasants enter the water as mirages." This throttle water has been able to form ice. The land also began to freeze. The pheasant in the three-time "pheasant water is mirage" refers to a big bird such as pheasant and mirage is a big clam. After beginning of winter, big birds such as pheasant are rare, while large clams with similar lines and colors to pheasant can be seen on the beach. So the ancients believed that the pheasant became a clam after the beginning of winter.



Hangzhou people have a saying, "autumn equinox vegetables pickled with light snow, winter solstice open jar to eat for the new year." The cabbage planted at the autumnal equinox is almost ready for harvest now, and it tastes just right.


The prepared winter pickles appeared over and over again on the dining table of Hangzhou people throughout the winter until the spring of the following year. Its posture is very diverse, and winter bamboo shoots, Hangzhou people love "fried two winter"; Together with soybean sprouts, they are fried into a refreshing dish. Can also be directly served, mixed with sweet and sour, eating is also quite appetizing; If you don't finish it in winter, the next spring, when the winter pickles stink, they will become "smelly pickled cabbage". Some farmers will stir-fry tender vegetables, which are also very fresh.


In the south, people like to eat chicken, duck and fish in the beginning of winter. Because the weather is getting cold, people need to add more energy, and meat is rich in protein, so they think eating meat is the best choice. In addition, at this time, Hangzhou people's favorite ham can be pickled, sausage can be poured, bacon and sauce meat can be started.



The most ideal climatic condition for drying pickled ducks is the sun, but also the wind. Hang the ducks on the balcony facing north and blow dry air to make them taste good. As for the drying time, if you like the tender taste, you can eat it in about a week; if you have a good mouth and like to eat chewy, hang it for about a month, so it will taste dry and fragrant.

In addition, according to folk customs, the day of "beginning of winter" should be supplemented to strengthen the physique, so that people will not be afraid of the cold in the cold winter. On our side of Jiangnan, we still have the habit of eating beef and mutton! In addition, black chicken, soy milk, milk, radish, green vegetables, fungus, tofu, celery, white radish, potatoes, Chinese cabbage, spinach, apples, longan, etc. are all suitable diets after the beginning of winter.


In additionAfter beginning of winter, you can cook 3 kinds of fruits for your child to eat. The baby has a good spleen and stomach and is less sick in one winter:


1. Cook a boiled pear for Eva to eat


Pears are sweet and sour, and have the effects of moistening the lungs and clearing dryness, relieving cough and resolving phlegm, nourishing blood and generating muscles. Therefore, they have good effects on children's dry throat, itching, pain, dullness, and thick sputum. The only problem is that the coolness of pears may affect the spleen and stomach of children, and cooking them for children can neutralize these hazards.


2. Cook a boiled apple for Eva to eat


Apple, rich in dietary fiber, is the best gastrointestinal "cleaners". Children eat apples after meals, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, so that the accumulation of harmful substances in the body to eliminate a large number of, to avoid constipation. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away from me", cooking apples for children is also a good choice.


3. Boil grapefruit for Eva to eat


Pomelo is sour and sweet, and it is also one of the autumn and winter fruits that children love to eat, but like pears, grapefruit is also a cold fruit. It is better for children to cook and eat.


Because the winter in the meteorological sense has not yet arrived, the human body feels that it is still in late autumn. According to the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, yang qi is hidden at this time, and daily recuperation should be based on "nourishing and storage", often according to the soles of the feet, going to bed early and getting up late.


Pay attention to keep warm


After the beginning of winter, cold air strikes frequently, which is easy to cause colds. To prevent colds, we should keep warm, bask in the sun frequently, and soak our feet in warm water before going to bed.



appropriate exercise


At the beginning of winter, the exercise should be based on static exercise. Before the exercise, warm-up exercises such as unarmed exercises and light equipment exercises should be carried out. It is advisable to have the body hot and sweat slightly. When exercising, the thickness of the clothes should be appropriate. Before warming up, wear thicker clothes and remove the coat after warming up. Do not blow cold air after exercise, wipe off sweat and change clothes in time.






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