Yuanlei powder was invited to attend the establishment meeting of Shunde coating industry policy and Standard Research Association

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2024-01-29 09:38


Yuanlei powder was invited to attend the establishment meeting of Shunde coating industry policy and Standard Research Association


On July 25, the inauguration ceremony of the "Coating Industry Policy and Standards Research Association (Center)" was held at the Shunde Base of Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute, and three standards for art coatings (thick paste art coatings, art coating primers, and thin coating art coatings) were subsequently released. Liao Yuzhong, Chief of Standardization Section of Shunde District Market Supervision Bureau, Fang Xin, President of Shunde Coatings Chamber of Commerce, Hu Jingzhao, Honorary President of Shunde Coatings Chamber of Commerce, Liu Zhongyi, Minister of Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute, Zhang Jianxin, President of Shunde Furniture Research and Development Institute, Chen Jiwen, Vice Minister of Coatings Chemical Department of Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute, Chen Yanwu, President of Light Chemical College of Shunxue Vocational College, and nearly 80 representatives of paint enterprises and media, analyzed and discussed the new environment of paint market, how should the "center" serve enterprises, help enterprises transform and upgrade, and promote industrial progress.



 Guangdong Yuanlei Powder Co., Ltd.Attend the meeting as a member list of Shunde Coatings Chamber of Commerce.This meetingCombined with the actual situation of the coating industry and enterprises in formulating and implementing standardization strategies, President Fang also put forward four practical suggestions: "pragmatic and realistic, practical and effective, so that enterprises can truly adopt", "adapt to the development trend, play a leading role", "timely promote and implement to the market, transform into advanced productive forces", and "actively play the role of policy research departments.



In the future, the "center" will focus on "studying and formulating new methods and new processes (including manufacturing process and construction process) for the application of raw and auxiliary materials in the coating industry", "studying the adaptability and promotion of relevant policies, regulations and standards related to the coating industry in the country and province, and guiding the industry to actively adapt and connect", "accepting the entrustment of enterprises in the industry to formulate relevant standards for enterprises, to help enterprises develop healthily under the new normal of development and innovation, environmental protection and safety.



"The establishment of the Standard Research Association is a major measure made by the Shunde Coatings Chamber of Commerce and the Shunde Center of the Guangdong Provincial Quality Inspection Institute to promote the standardization of China's chemical coatings, and it also meets the urgent needs of the country to implement the standardization strategy." Fang Xin, president of the Shunde Coating Chamber of Commerce, said to the Chinese and foreign coating network.The establishment of the Standard Research Association can effectively solve the problems of unclear definition, unclear standards, lack of green design and construction management standards in the development of the coating industry.



The Coatings Industry Policy and Standard Research Association was jointly initiated and established by Foshan Shunde District Coatings Chamber of Commerce, National Coatings Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangdong) and Shunde Vocational and Technical College. It is a permanent organization of Shunde Coatings Chamber of Commerce and is listed in the Coatings Testing Center of Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute. Guangdong Yuanlei Powder Co., Ltd.As one of the important suppliers in the coating industry, we must take on the important task, grasp the quality from the source of powder filler, and provide environmentally friendly, excellent and stable powder products for the coating industry.



Guangdong Yuanlei Powder Co., Ltd. was founded in2005In, it is located in Shunde, the central jurisdiction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Close to Hong Kong and Macao, connect with the international community and radiate the blessed land of the mainland. Source Lei powder is a self-owned mine, self-production, independent marketing one of the modern enterprise. Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, which is known as the "Top 100 Town of Township Enterprises", has invested heavily in the construction of a modern factory with research and development functions. source lei powder sales network throughout south china, central china, east china, southwest and other regions.

Yuanlei powder is also a member unit of Guangdong Coating Industry Association and a member unit of Shunde Coating Chamber of Commerce. At the same time, the award has also been fruitful: corporate credit rating AAA, quality, service and integrity.AAAEnterprises, the best model of China's powder industry enterprises, China's barium sulfate industry well-known brands, China's powder industry top ten brands, China3.15Integrity enterprise.

"Integrity-based, win-win cooperation" is our company's business philosophy. In order to better serve our customers, we continue to improve product quality, focus on corporate brands, improve sales network, and strive to meet different customer needs.










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