Yuan Lei Powder Shouts You to Get Free Tickets to 2020 China International Coatings Exhibition

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2024-01-29 09:35


Yuan Lei Powder Shouts You to Get Free Tickets to 2020 China International Coatings Exhibition


WeChat Invitation

WeChat Invitation

Dear customer:

Guangdong Yuanlei Powder Co., Ltd.You are cordially invited to visit the "China International Paint Exhibition CHINACOAT"/"China International Surface Treatment Exhibition SFCHINA" 2020 to be held in Area A of China Import and Export Fair on December 8-10 in Guangzhou. Our booth number is:4.1E34 。

You will be exempted from the registration fee by simply following the following simple steps to register:

◆ Long press to identify the two-dimensional code at the bottom left and enter after paying attention to the micro signal of the exhibitionAudience Registration 」the page;

◆ If you have paid attention to the micro signal of the exhibition, please press directly at the bottom right.Audience Registration 」;

◆ Fill in basic information;

◆ Enter the Exhibitor Invitation Code 」:XVTCUHXYWaiver of registration fees and completion of registration;

◆ Obtain the "audience electronic card" with two-dimensional code 」.


Or leave your contact information directly and apply for it for you.

Free registration is limited, please register now!



In response to the Chinese government's requirements for epidemic prevention and control, all exhibitors and visitors attending this year's Guangzhou Exhibition will have new entry arrangements. Please pay attention to the following:

1. Pre-exhibition preparation

All exhibitors attending the exhibition/The audience must pass real-name authentication, temperature detection and Suikang code inspection (application is required in advance), and all people must wear masks throughout the process.AudienceYou must book a visit in advance and apply for yourAudience electronic cardandSuikang Code!

Audience electronic card:Viewers must make an appointment with their real names in advance and immediately press 「Register to visit"Complete the reservation registration step.

Suikang Code:Enter "Suikang" in the WeChat search bar and click to enter"Suikang" applet; Or scan sunflower codes through WeChat, open and add the "Suikang" applet, and complete the steps of generating Suikang codes.

2. Enter the Pavilion

The following is the entry procedure for exhibitors and visitors upon arrival at the exhibition hall:

① scan "suikang code" exhibition hall pass code> ② measure body temperature> ③ pass security check> ④ ID card verification> ⑤ Scan "e-card"> ⑥ Enter the exhibition hall


If you have any questions about the above process, you can contact the editor.

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