August 1st Army Day, salute the great Chinese soldiers!

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2024-01-29 09:38


August 1st Army Day, salute the great Chinese soldiers!





The name of steel.

is collectively

Like the weapons they use

The soul also infiltrated the hard heroic spirit

Defend the country

land, sea and air

is the hieroglyphs of their skeletons





Black Blue Rock

Even shirtless

It's also the waves of glorious muscles and bones.

Stone Forest Water cloud cluster

Panting on standby in the dark shadow of the sword

Glitter of knives for justice

Leaping out of the dawn of dawn

Really. Don't want

The bullet pierced the cruelty of beautiful scenery

Really. Don't want

The red blood meets you.





Salute to the military today!












Soldiers, hope, salute, really, they, dawn, that too, stone, hole through

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