Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving have you, a lifetime of joy

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Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving have you, a lifetime of joy


In this world, nothing is absolutely taken for granted, and no one is born to be good to anyone. Therefore, we should be grateful for everyone who is good to us. If you are always grateful and kind and warm, you will always be accompanied by good luck.


Thanksgiving, is a person's greatest gentle. The essence of gentleness is kindness, and good people must know how to be grateful. The so-called "people change people's hearts", how you treat others, others will treat you; in any situation, to maintain a grateful heart is to give yourself back in the way of love and treat yourself well. Grateful heart, can eventually get gentle years. Gratitude is the greatest gentleness of life.


Gratitude is a person's best quality. Human nature is good, after people recognize the truth of the world, can still maintain the goodness of nature, is a valuable quality. Thanksgiving, is a person's moral cultivation side; know how to be grateful, is a person's embodiment of education. The heart is full of truth, goodness and beauty, and the quality of life is naturally upright and heavy.



Thanks to parents, the grace of birth


Father's grace is higher than the mountain, and mother's grace is as deep as the sea. Parents are the people who brought us to this world and are our greatest benefactor in our life. In order to give their children a solid and stable life, they work hard day and night. From the day we were born, until we got married, until we had our own children, our parents never stopped paying for us.


The sheep have the grace of kneeling milk, and the crow has the righteousness of feeding back. All the virtues filial piety first, grateful parents, is a person's most basic conscience. When we understand the love of our parents, it is difficult to return them as our parents treat us. Thanksgiving parents, try to listen and accompany more, is the best gratitude to them.


Not long ago, the mother of a firefighter ran into her son's comrades on the high-speed rail. The moment she saw them, she seemed to see her son.


When the firefighters wanted to help the aunt call her son, she waved her hands and said:"Don't play, don't play, don't disturb my son.


Before the words were finished, tears rose in his eyes.
The mother is worried that the sentence "do not disturb" is the deepest love of the mother.
In this life, people owe the most is their parents, no matter when, you are their most worried about.
Thank your parents for working hard all their lives, giving you endless love and shelter from the wind and rain, With parents, Jia Yong far away.


Thanksgiving, remember to say to them: "Thank you for this life love, you raise me to grow up, I accompany you to grow old slowly.



Thank the lover, hand in hand for a lifetime

The vast sea of people, meet a bosom lover, we have the most beautiful warm feelings. Happiness is shared together, suffering is shared together, and every bit of touching is enough for a lifetime. Lover gave us a warm home, from now on, no matter how late home, there is a fireworks waiting. In the harbor of love, we rest at ease, and then, when we wake up the next day, we will set out for love with a hundredfold spirit.


In the long years, two people from meet, love, to cherish, stay together, is the most beautiful edge of life. Thanksgiving lover, into their own life, from the soul is no longer lonely. Fish know water grace, is the source of happiness, gratitude cherish good fortune, can be gracious and blessed. With gratitude, love and gentleness are always around, and every day is happiness.
Next to the hospital bed, the old man called his wife, and then he trembled close to his wife's face and kissed her affectionately.


Some people say that I never envy the lovers who kiss on the street corner. I only envy the couples who hold hands to the old ones.

During an interview on the street, the program team met an old man and found a picture of his dead husband in his mobile phone photo album.

The old man was surprised and delighted, and hurriedly asked the staff to help "get out" this photo ".

Then the staff helped her set the photo as a screen saver, and the old man smiled happily: "With it, I should not fall down.
The best wishes in life are: That is to say, one person is willing to be generous for the rest of his life. May there be years to look back on and grow old with affection.
Thank your lover for accompanying you through your life. You will never leave in front of difficulties. You will always be warm in ordinary days.
Thanksgiving Day, remember to say to his side: "This way, thank you, for the rest of my life, I am here.


Thank you for never leaving.



Friends are the ones who give us the most care. Life is not easy, there are always difficulties and hardships, peace of mind to talk to friends, timely help is a friend. People's life, can make a few rich and poor friends, is a great luck.


A true friend must be someone with the same three views and a similar soul. Mutual ridicule, equal strength, grow together, illuminate each other's life, make life more valuable and meaningful. Life twists and turns, can not be separated from the friend's spur and comfort. Friends are a precious treasure.


Maybe he is not the first person in your life, nor the person you have known for the longest time, but after he came, he never left.


I can't help but think of a short film I have seen. I haven't seen my friends for a long time, and everyone is tired of life.


But when everyone saw the faces of old friends in the video call, everyone's eyes were red.



Maybe life is forced, the sky is separated, maybe busy with work, no time to take care of, but you have always been an important person in my heart.
As the saying goes on the Internet: A true friend is a lifetime of scenery, do not deliberately think of, because never forget.
Thank you for your best friends, whether they are the icing on the cake or the people who give timely help, they have always been there and never left.
Thanksgiving Day, remember to call an old friend and say: Thank you for being with me through the long years.


Thank yourself, wind and rain


Remember the circle of friends was a video screen?


In the video, a man in a yellow helmet and overalls is skipping along the road.



Many people say that they feel deeply after seeing it, and they have not skipped it so easily and happily for a long time.
Some netizens speculated that the uncle must have been paid that day, which is why he was so happy.
When interviewed by reporters, he responded: On that day, I was ready to eat after work. I was alive, and I would be happy no matter how hard I was.
Thank yourself, you have always been a hero in life. After the wind and rain, you still stand firm.
Thanksgiving Day, remember to say to yourself:" Thank you for not giving up."



Life, need a grateful heart to create; a grateful heart, need life to nourish. People who know how to be grateful will get more love if they have love in their hearts and love with their heart. Love is the most precious gift that fate has given us. To love and to be loved is a kind of kindness.


If you cast a peach, you will repay a plum, because if you know how to be grateful, your contacts will be warm and harmonious, and the four seasons of life will be good. Because of knowing gratitude, the world is more humane and our inner feelings are rich and colorful. Only when one does not forget one's kindness can one live a good life. Be grateful to yourself, is a grateful person.

Thanksgiving often, thank you. Once we go through the world, no matter whether we have a smooth or bumpy experience, we will be grateful and remember each other. I wish those who go far away, those who are around us, and everyone who is predestined friends with us, happy and warm......


Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, we, ourselves, people, parents, thanks, friends, understand, they

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