Source lei tell you | painting integration in the end is what?

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source lei tell you | painting integration in the end is what?


Coating integration refers to the integration of coating products and coating lines. At present, despite the rapid development of China's coating industry, however, the problem of imbalance in the integration of coating and coating has gradually emerged, mainly manifested in the relative lag of coating. There is a saying in the industry called "three-point coating and seven-point construction". This sentence shows the importance of coating. Only by applying coating can coatings show their rich and colorful decorative properties, as well as anti-corrosion, anti-fouling, anti-mildew and other protective properties. Coatings and painting must work closely together and be integrated. It can be seen that the market voice of the integration of paint and coating is getting higher and higher, and the coating industry also needs to pay attention to the matching and docking of coating in the development to achieve win-win cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises.


China's coatings industry started late but developed rapidly. In the tide of low-carbon and environmentally friendly economic development, the coatings industry is developing in the direction of water-based, and various innovative scientific research products are continuously introduced. However, the existence of many factors lead to the development of paint and coating pace is not consistent, coating technology and level of relative lag behind the development of paint, which to a large extent restricts the development of the coating industry, these factors mainly have the following aspects:


First of all, the paint production enterprises and downstream enterprises lack of good communication and docking. In the past, paint manufacturers only unilaterally paid attention to the technical research and development of paint products to improve the performance of paint products, but ignored their practical application effects, and did not understand the coating technology of paint products, let alone professional research; The downstream companies only pay attention to the improvement of coating technology and do not fully grasp the performance of coating products, which leads to the fact that coatings cannot be fully utilized in practical applications. Secondly, the backward coating equipment and technology limit the application and development of coating products. Technology has always been the weakness of the development of China's coating industry, but also the bottleneck of the development of the downstream industry. Coating innovation products are constantly updated, but if the manufacturer and the user lack of communication, it will lead to the corresponding coating equipment and technology research and development lag, coupled with the coating equipment replacement and research and development costs are relatively high, these will lead to paint facing "industry hot market cold" situation, hindering the development of both sides.


Again, the lack of painting practitioners related skills. Painting practitioners in the construction of all want to be successful, when he is faced with a new thing and not sure, not sure of the insecurity will give them psychological pressure, so they prefer to choose the traditional way of construction, which caused the new paint "construction difficult" problem, and ultimately restrict the development of the paint industry.


The imbalance between coating and coating will not only limit the full play of the performance of coating products, but also make it difficult for downstream enterprises to produce high-quality products, which is detrimental to the development of both sides. Facts have proved that the integration of paint and coating is an inevitable trend for upstream and downstream enterprises to become bigger and stronger.


The integration of coating and coating can not only enable coating enterprises to strengthen the understanding and understanding of coating process and equipment, but also promote the understanding of coating performance of downstream enterprises, so that coating personnel can "make the best use of their talents" and coating products can "make the best use of materials" to achieve the perfect combination of coating and coating.


Under the development situation of rising raw material prices, increasing logistics and costs, the integration of coating and coating helps to effectively control costs and achieve a win-win situation between the two sides: for coating enterprises, the integration of coating and coating helps coating manufacturers to find problems in time, improve production technology, timely develop products suitable for market demand, and reduce R & D costs and promotion resistance. For downstream coating enterprises, the integration of coating and coating can reduce the unqualified rate of products, reduce losses and improve product quality. In addition, the integration of paint and painting helps enterprises to create distinctive, professional and personalized services and enhance their market competitiveness.


The integration of paint and coating is a systematic project, which needs the cooperation of upstream and downstream enterprises.


First of all, paint companies should "bundle" technology with applications ". In the process of product development, coating manufacturers need to take practical application as the premise, comprehensively consider the factors of downstream enterprises in material selection, construction, environment or equipment, bundle product technology with practical application, and formulate research and development priorities according to customer needs.


Secondly, paint downstream enterprises need to have good technology and equipment to ensure. Coating equipment is an important factor affecting the integration of coating and coating, coating is a semi-finished product, only through coating to achieve its full value. The integration of coatings and painting is a long-term development process, and its advancement also needs to be gradual. Therefore, at this stage, the coating equipment does not need much improvement or less difficult to improve the enterprise should become the main promoter to achieve this goal, this part of the enterprise should be on the basis of ensuring good technology and equipment, and paint production enterprises work together, from point to surface, and gradually promote the development of coating and coating integration system.


Again, coatings and downstream companies need to work together to create a professional coating team. Coatings companies need to understand the corresponding construction technology of the product in order to better train and guide the coating personnel; and downstream companies must also build a professional and sophisticated construction team, hold coating knowledge training, and help coating personnel understand the coating The basic performance of the company, improve the basic skills of construction, so as to produce qualified and high-quality products.


The integration of coating and coating is the demand of market development, and it is also a powerful weapon for coating enterprises to be invincible in the market competition, which is of great significance to promote the development of the whole coating industry.



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