Strength appearance! Source Lei powder and you meet the international coating exhibition!

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2024-01-29 09:35


Strength appearance! Source Lei powder and you meet the international coating exhibition!


Industry Shengzhan cutting-edge technology directly hit the scene



◆ 3-day exhibition period, a total of more than 700 exhibitors from 21 countries/regions, including 154 first-time exhibitors;


◆ 6 exhibition halls, 8 exhibition areas covering the entire industry: painting and coating products, powder coatings, UV/EB curing technology and products, Chinese equipment, instruments and services, electroplating and finishing technology, Chinese international raw materials, as well as environmental protection, safety and personal protection equipment for current industry standards;


At the same time, technical exchange activities were held, including two technical training courses on "China International Coatings Exhibition" with the themes of "Decisive Elements of Coating/Ink Formulation Optimization" and "Application of Water-based Industrial Coatings in Infrastructure Development", and many special technical lectures. Among them, the special technical seminar will be held in the form of "online and offline" for the first time. Audiences who are unable to participate in person can participate online and communicate with speakers online in real time, collect information on products and services of interest, and obtain information on innovative technology applications and industry development trends.



Exhibition preparation

Carefully planned and carefully deployed

Yuanlei Powder carefully prepared for this exhibition, produced new corporate promotional films and product materials, and unified business attire to show the company's good image and reflect the spirit of Yuanlei's team.


yuanlei powder
Booth number: 4.1E34
Exhibition Area 4.1 Pavilion



Hit the booth

The audience continues to be popular


As the country's leading supplier of raw materials, Yuanlei powderThe audience actively watched and displayed samples. The company's sales and technical teams warmly received, tacitly cooperated, answered questions on the spot, and introduced the company's products and testing advantages in detail.






 Since the establishment of the company in 2005, Yuanlei powder has focused on quality control and product quality as the first lifeline. Yuanlei powder has always regarded "the first in the world" as its ultimate goal and made unremitting efforts to this end. In this exhibition, Yuanlei powder carefully prepared materials and brought new products to the stage, which not only showed the strength of Yuanlei powder to all friends, but also showed the world the ingenuity and persistence of the company to do a good job in products, won the recognition of friends at home and abroad, and gained a lot.




The exhibition will last until December 10. The booth of Yuanlei Powder will be located in Exhibition Hall A and Exhibition Area 4/4.1E34 in Area 4. Interested friends can visit the site and have in-depth understanding. We will be here, for the presence of domestic and foreign friends, to provide the best service.










The grand exhibition is in progress. I look forward to your visit tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!


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Yuan Lei's Little Knowledge | Performance Requirements and Types of Fillers for Coatings


Fillers in coatings are usually white or slightly colored pigments with a refractive index less than 1.7. It has the basic physical and chemical properties of pigments used in coatings, but due to its refractive index being similar to the film-forming material, it is transparent in coatings and does not have the coloring and covering power of coloring pigments. It is an indispensable pigment in coatings.

Yuan Lei's Little Knowledge | Application Effects of Different Mineral Powder Materials in Coatings


In architectural coatings, commonly used mineral materials include barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, kaolin, mica powder, talc powder, quartz powder, silica micro powder, transparent powder, glass powder, wollastonite powder, etc. Reasonable application of various mineral materials can effectively improve or enhance the performance of coatings. Let's take a look at the application of different mineral materials in coatings.

Yuan Lei's Little Knowledge | Characteristics of Mineral Materials


Mineral materials refer to the material products obtained by processing and transforming natural minerals (mainly non-metallic minerals) or rocks as the main raw materials, or minerals or rocks that can be directly used as materials and aim to utilize their main physical and chemical properties. This meaning mainly includes the following four aspects: first, natural minerals and rocks that can be directly utilized or processed to be utilized; Secondly, finished or semi-finished materials made mainly from natural non-metallic minerals and rocks through physical and chemical reactions; Thirdly, artificially synthesized minerals or rocks; Fourthly, the direct utilization targets of these materials are mainly their own physical or chemical properties, not limited to individual chemical elements.