The winter solstice is like a big year, a small reunion in the world.

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The winter solstice is like a big year, a small reunion in the world.


The winter solstice is a very important solar term in the 24 solar terms and is also a traditional Chinese folk festival.


This year's winter solstice falls on Monday, December 21, 2020


Seven unique • Cold and summer wind

Wang Yujian

When you go to the mountains, everything is empty. Sit and listen to the cold and summer wind.

Time spent in the Jianghu, idle watch clouds gather and disperse in a hurry.


It is the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere.


In this long night, if you want to look back on this year, can there be harvest?


It is said that 2020 is the beginning of "misfortune" and continues with a strong regret.


In the last 10 days, please love the people you want to love and have a reunion dinner with the people you want to see most.





North generally eat dumplings


The proverb goes: "On October 1, when the winter solstice arrives, every family eats dumplings."


The winter solstice, also known as "pressing the year", dumplings have become an essential holiday meal.


Legend has it that Zhang Zhongjing, a medical sage, came to the place to cure the disease and save people. The day he left was the winter solstice. He saw that many people had broken their ears with cold, so he ordered his disciples to build a medical shed and give up medicine to save people.


In order to commemorate Zhang Zhongjing, people will eat dumplings every winter solstice.



Shandong Tengzhou mutton soup


The custom of eating mutton on the winter solstice dates back to the Han Dynasty.


Legend has it that Liu Bang, the emperor of the Han Dynasty, ate mutton cooked by Fan Kuai on the winter solstice and found it very delicious and full of praise.


Since then, there has been a folk custom of eating mutton on the winter solstice.



Jiangnan Rice


In Jiangnan, there is the custom of eating red bean glutinous rice on winter solstice night.


It is said that the Gonggong family had a son who committed many crimes and died at the winter solstice. After his death, he became an epidemic ghost and continued to maim the people.


However, the epidemic ghost is most afraid of red beans, so people eat red beans on the winter solstice to ward off the epidemic ghost and prevent diseases.



Ningbo Eating Sweet Potato Soup Fruit


"Fan" is the same as "Fuan". In the eyes of Ningbo people, eating sweet potatoes on the winter solstice means that the bad luck of the past year has been "turned over.


Tang Guo is also called "Yuanzi", which means reunion.


Ningbo people will add wine when making sweet potato soup.


Wine is also called "pulp board". In Ningbo dialect, "pulp" is the same as "rise", taking the good color of "high fortune" and "high fortune.



Taiwan glutinous cake


On the winter solstice in Taiwan, China, nine layers of cakes are used to worship ancestors.


Use glutinous rice flour to knead into chickens, ducks, turtles, pigs, cattle, sheep and other animals that symbolize happiness and longevity to worship their ancestors.


Those with the same surname and the same clan agreed on the winter solstice or before and after the early date.


After the ceremony, there will be a big banquet to entertain the relatives who come to worship their ancestors, which is called "eating ancestors."



Zhejiang Taizhou rolling circle


Taizhou people in Zhejiang Province make some special dishes and food on the winter solstice to pay tribute to their ancestors and pray for the peace and good luck of the whole family in the coming year.


Among them, eating "winter solstice round" (rolling round, also called hard rolling round and turning rough round) is an old tradition in Taizhou. rolling round means round, round and round.


Rolling round is made of glutinous rice flour. first, the glutinous rice flour and warm water are kneaded into dough, then the round nuts the size of vinegar dish are picked and kneaded. after cooking, the round is rolled in soybean powder. because this process is called "rolling round" in linhai dialect, the winter solstice round is named "rolling round".



Brewing in Suzhou, Jiangsu


The Gusu region attaches great importance to the solar term of the winter solstice. There is a saying in the Gusu region: "The winter solstice is like a big year".


The traditional Gusu family will drink winter wine on the winter solstice night. Winter wine is a kind of rice wine, which is brewed with osmanthus flowers and has a pleasant aroma.


Gusu people in the winter solstice night drink winter wine at the same time, but also with marinated beef, marinated mutton and other kinds of marinated vegetables.


In the cold winter, winter wine can not only dispel the cold, but also place a good wish of Gusu people for life.



Zhejiang Jiaxing Longan Burned Eggs


The winter solstice is a big festival in ancient times. Jiaxing is heavy on the winter solstice. As the proverb "the winter solstice is like a year" keeps the ancient style.


According to the records of Jiaxing government (volume 34, customs), "the winter solstice is the first sacrifice, and the crown is covered with greetings, such as the new year's day ceremony".


Folk advocate the winter solstice tonic, red bean glutinous rice, ginseng soup; white fungus, walnut stewed wine, longan boiled eggs, etc.


Up to now, Jiaxing still inherits the custom of eating "longan burning eggs" during the winter solstice.



Anhui Hefei Eating Winter Solstice Noodles


"Eat the winter solstice noodles, a long line a day".


In Hefei, Anhui, the custom of eating noodles on the winter solstice is related to solar terms, climate and farming.


After the winter solstice, nine cold days are counted, and nine days are counted every nine days.


In the cold winter, eating a bowl of hot egg noodles is a winter solstice.


After watching so much, what do you decide to eat this winter solstice?




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