Christmas Eve: plain light is true, peace is blessing!

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2024-01-29 09:35


Christmas Eve: plain light is true, peace is blessing!


Don't ask what is forever?

Cherish the present, grasp the present,

Is the best!


Don't ask what is happiness?

Healthy, safe and sound,

Is the best!



Life I, grass and wood autumn,

Ask for splendor,

What fame and status to pursue,

A hundred years later,

Dust to dust, soil to soil,

No amount of money can be taken away.


Since they are alive,

live well.

happy heart, angry with what,

Take it easy, don't be so tired.

I hurt my body when I get too angry,

Tired for a long time, something went wrong.







On Christmas Eve,

Simple words, to the sincere you,

Deep blessing, to you,

To all who see this,

Have a plain truth,

With the blessing of peace,

I wish you all:

Christmas Eve happy,

Happy Christmas,

A lifetime of smooth and smooth!



Is, what, Christmas Eve, peace, want to ask, have, live, give, the best

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