Review 2020 | Yuanlei Powder Annual Events

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Review 2020 | Yuanlei Powder Annual Events


Annual Review of 2020 Yuanlei Powder Events

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year.

The outbreak at the beginning of the year and the outbreak in the summer.

Although more or less affected the progress of the project

But it never affected everyone's enthusiasm for work.

Thank our customers for their recognition.

Thanks to our partners for their support.

Thanks to the colleagues who worked hard and worked overtime in the front line.

Thank you to everyone who works hard for their dreams.

2021 is coming.

Have a vision, have a dream, set out again

In 2020, we have · · · ·



20202Month26DayOur company officially resumed work and production






20205Month14Day  In order to better carry out occupational disease prevention and control work and understand the physical condition of each employee, Guangdong Yuanlei Powder Co., Ltd. Hengmeiyuan Factory organizes employees to conduct occupational health examinations. Protect the health of employees, enhance corporate cohesion, build a harmonious corporate environment, and fully reflect the company's care for employees and people-oriented corporate culture.




20205Month26Day  In order to promote the company's operations staff in-depth understanding of the concept of product specifications, and constantly adapt to the requirements of improving the professional performance of products. On May 26, Yuanlei Company organized a training exchange meeting on "Explanation of Professional Performance of Powder Products". General Manager Zhou Li led the operation department and his party to Jiangmen production base for product training.







28 June 2020After the outbreak, in the chemical, plastic, powder industry a cry, the source of Lei powder but handed over a bright report card-June 28, the source of Lei powder in Lianzhou calcium carbonate factory officially opened and put into production, after the announcement of the epidemic period source Lei powder restart to accelerate the track.







July 3, 2020  President Hu Jingzhao of Shunde Coatings Chamber of Commerce, Secretary General Zhang Mengdong and Wang Hongling of Baojian Nano visited Yuanlei Powder for exchange.





July 7, 2020  The official trembles of Yuanlei powder are officially launched!





August 8, 2020The 4th Member Congress of the 8th Council of Guangdong Coatings Industry Association and the 2020 Guangdong Coatings Industry Development Conference were solemnly held in Jiangmen. Zhou Li, general manager of Guangdong Yuanlei Powder, and Chen Dong, business manager, were invited to attend the meeting.





11-13 August 2020202010th Asia-PacificFloor exhibition in Guangzhou·China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall B area held a grand. Guangdong Yuanlei Powder Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this exhibition as a raw material manufacturer of floor enterprises. It specially brought Yuanlei powder materials to booth B03 of 5.1 Pavilion in Area A of Canton Fair Exhibition Hall to help show the new trend of China's floor material industry.







26 September 2020The autumn wind sends bright fruits, and the sweet osmanthus fragrance welcomes the festival. When the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, in order to thank all the staff for their hard work, Yuanlei Powder has distributed the Mid-Autumn Festival welfare and sent a strong love and full blessing.






8-10 December 2020   2020 "China International Paint Exhibition CHINACOAT/" China International Surface Treatment Exhibition SFCHINA "opens in Area A of Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall. Following the 2019 exhibition, Yuanlei powder once again appeared in this "paint exhibition".





We are in line with the quality of survival, to promote the development of the credibility of the spirit of enterprise,

Sincerity, quality first purpose,

down-to-earth, step by step,

Really do a good job in every project,

Sow hope and reap success.

We thank you all the way for your support and trust!

2021, we will continue to work diligently,

With you hand in hand to create brilliant!



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