Autumn, autumn is coming!

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2024-01-29 09:38


Autumn, autumn is coming!


Clouds gather summer color, wood leaves move autumn sound

The autumn rain is He Bi, the mountains lean on the clear sky.

The fragrance of osmanthus drifts away, and the night is as cool as washing.


This year's autumn time

Thursday 8 August 2019



Autumn, pull also, things here and pull also

-- "Moon Order Seventy-two Hou Jiji Solution"


The beginning of autumn, the sun reaches the yellow 135

The Big Dipper points to the southwest

This is the 13th of the 24 solar terms.

The first solar term of autumn

Marking the beginning of the Meng Qiu season



The beginning of autumn season cool

Sunflower when in full bloom

Corn ears are neat for pollination

The grass on the ground has set seeds.



After the beginning of autumn, the heat gradually receded.

Soughing in autumn rain, shallow pomegranate diarrhea

since then,an autumn rain a cold


After the beginning of autumn, the autumn color is clear and clear

There is no whizzing sound, and the fallen leaves dance leisurely.

A leaf falls and knows the world in autumn.



| beginning of autumn three waiting |



· A cool breeze


First wait, cool breeze

The bleak wind of the West is called cool wind.

The temperature changes and the cool air begins to clear up.

After the beginning of autumn, many parts of our country began to blow northerly winds.

And the southerly wind gradually decreases

The cool wind blows away the scorching heat

Breathing, fresh and not sticky



· Second Hou Bai Lu Sheng


After the beginning of autumn, the cool wind came

The vast white dew is born, and there is a slight cold in the morning.

A walk in the bush, the grass dew wet clothes

Although the sun is burning, the hot root has been broken.

Hot with cool, comfortable



Three cold cicadas


Autumn chills, plenty of food

The temperature is suitable, and it stands on the branch.

The triumphant chirping in the breeze

Tell people the summer is over

Chilling cicadas mournful, on the night of Changting



| Autumn Tiger |


After the beginning of autumn, the weather will not cool immediately.

There is a short heat recovery, mostly at the turn of August and September.

Duration of about 7-15 days

People call this the autumn tiger


Reasons for the formation of autumn tigers

Controlling China's Western Pacific Subtropical High to Move South Gradually in Autumn

However, it is lifted northward again, and under the control of this high pressure, it is clear and partly cloudy.

Intense sunlight, rising temperature

This kind of hot weather is called "old woman summer" weather in Europe.

North Americans call it Indian Summer.



At the beginning of autumn, the heat was not exhausted,

The green will fade, the bug will still boil,

Meditate and enjoy the most poetic time.








Come, beginning of autumn, cool breeze, after autumn, weather, summer heat, autumn tiger, people, autumn rain, Bailu

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