Yuanlei Small Classroom | Problems and Solutions after Construction of Waterproof Polyurethane Floor

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2024-01-29 09:35


Yuanlei Small Classroom | Problems and Solutions after Construction of Waterproof Polyurethane Floor


High quality waterproof polyurethane flooring finished products should not have blistering, cracking, delamination, pleating and breakage phenomenon. The emergence of these problems are caused by the lack of standards in the construction of coatings. If you want to solve them, you need to analyze the causes of the problems.

The main reason for the occurrence of pores and blisters

1. Material mixing method and time is not correct, resulting in uneven mixing of materials, easy to bring in bubbles;

2. The construction should be used power, speed is not high agitator;

3. In addition, if the grass-roots treatment is not clean, there are floating sand and dust, coating damage caused by leakage will also lead to waterproof polyurethane pore bubble phenomenon.

Solution measures

1. Stir the paint slowly, and let it stand for a little time after stirring to discharge the bubbles. When forming a film, a relatively flat scraper should be used to scrape the coating with a little force and spread it evenly. In this process, some bubbles can be squeezed out with the help of the external force of the scraper, but the attention should not be too long to avoid surface gel, otherwise bubbles will be brought in.

2. Strictly control the temperature and humidity of the coating mixing and curing to ensure that the coating reaction curing speed is uniform.

3. After the film is formed, before the surface is dry, a light scraper is used to quickly skim the surface of the paint, and the bubbles that will escape but are covered are scratched. The self-leveling property of polyurethane is used to automatically repair the bubbles.

4. The formulation of the coating composition is adjusted, and appropriate catalysts or inhibitors can be added to reasonably control the reaction curing speed. Or adjust the proportion of filler, add surfactant composition, control liquid viscosity.

Causes of coating film delamination

The emergence of this situation is mostly concentrated in the single-component polyurethane film, single-component for multiple film, layer and layer is prone to the phenomenon of poor adhesion. The interlayer bonding is not strong, mainly due to the precipitation of light oil on the surface, which is due to the addition of petroleum resin and other liquid fillers; the film forming time interval is longer.

There are also the edge of the waterproof layer and the overlap of the sub-brush, which appear the phenomenon of peeling off the same base. The main reason is that the basic level is not clean or dry, the operation is not meticulous, the sealing is not good, and the adhesion of the bottom coating is not strong.

Solution measures

1. It is necessary to stir evenly before construction, and complete the film production in as short a time as possible to reduce the possibility of segregation and delamination.

2. The standard requires that the film formation of one-component polyurethane waterproof coating shall not be more than 3 times, and the film formation interval shall not be less than 24 h. It is suggested that the film-forming interval should be formed as soon as possible after the previous coating is dry, so as to improve the compatibility and adhesion of the two coatings.

3. The grass-roots level should be clean and dry, and the operation should be meticulous.

Main causes of dust and damage

During the layered construction of the waterproof layer of the coating film or after the construction of all the coating films is completed, the coating film will be damaged or cut by people operating activities or placing tools and materials before the coating film is cured. The materials are of poor quality. Many domestic polyurethane material manufacturers cut corners on waterproof materials, which reduces the quality of the coating itself and causes dust and damage to the finished product.

Solution measures

1. Before the waterproof construction, the ground must be clean and clean, and try not to have dust and loose material, otherwise there will be waterproof layer and the grass-roots bonding is not strong phenomenon, leaving leakage hidden danger.

2. Construction should protect the integrity of the film, to prevent the destruction of human factors.

3. Waterproof polyurethane floor construction is best carried out by the waterproof professional construction team, can not go to the building materials to buy some waterproof material to paint. Be sure to choose a large factory production, there are brand-name quality coatings, do not covet small cheap choose inferior materials.

The reason for the emergence of floor surface crust, rough

This situation mainly appears in the two-component polyurethane waterproof coating, the main reason is that the solid filler is added too much, or the solid filler itself is dense, the filler sinks, accumulates into blocks, and is inelastic.

Solution measures

1. When the paint is mixed evenly, the film will be formed after the appropriate time to reduce the precipitation and segregation.

2. Adjust the filler formula, select a lighter filler, and control the two-component mixing system to be stable and uniform.

In general, waterproof polyurethane floor construction should pay attention to the basic cleaning treatment, paint production should be carefully operated, after the finished product careful maintenance.




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