New Dream-New Journey-Review of Yuanlei Powder Annual Meeting

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2024-01-29 09:35


New Dream-New Journey-Review of Yuanlei Powder Annual Meeting


A New Beginning-A New Chapter


2020 real "rat" is not easy, 2021 "cow" to dry Kun

Yuan Lei powder time bright

At the important moment of saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new year

Yuan Lei Powder Invites Guests and Friends

Feel the Spirit and Glory of Yuan Lei



Meticulously planned annual meeting site

Condensing the painstaking efforts and efforts of Yuan Lei's leadership team






Dinner begins.

Let's raise our glasses together

I wish our Yuanlei powder will continue to whip forward in the new year.

Tomorrow is better and better!






Lively and interesting awards session









Excited and Excited Draw Link







Let's eat cake!





Take a photo as a souvenir!





Yuan Lei powder through this wonderful annual celebration

It shows the spirit of unity and pragmatism in the formula.


The whole annual meeting program type rich and colorful

Let us feel the source lei staff

Youth brimming with creativity and vitality

The recognition and evaluation link reflects the company's respect for talent.

The value of talents who are sure to give and respect the best.


The Five Chapters of the Road Endless Source Lei Spirit

Saying that the company is not grateful to its employees

The journey for the coming year has been decided, and we will still go together to continue our glory.


Finally, we want to say

Looking forward to the 2021, we are full of confidence

This year's efforts will bear fruit, and a celebration banquet will be held next year.

I wish you all a happy New Year, for a while!



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