The beginning of spring is happy to meet each other in the small year, and we are happy to wait for the auspicious year of the new year.

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The beginning of spring is happy to meet each other in the small year, and we are happy to wait for the auspicious year of the new year.



With the approach of the Spring Festival, the beginning of spring and Xiaonian first opened the festive curtain of the traditional solar term festival for the Spring Festival.



Spring spring basin fine lettuce, suddenly remember two Beijing plum hair.

Pots out of the high gate line white jade, vegetables pass fiber hand to send green silk.

Wu Xia Han Jiang is cross-eyed, and Du Ling distant visitors are extremely sad.

This body unknown return place, call son looking for paper a poem.

-- "the beginning of spring" Dutie


The beginning of spring is one of the "four stands", reflecting the replacement of the winter and spring seasons. Spring is born in summer, autumn is harvested and stored in winter. The beginning of spring indicates that the winter when all things are closed has passed, and it has begun to enter the spring when the wind is warm and the sun is warm and all things grow.

Although the temperature continues to drop, the beginning of spring, as the first of the 24 solar terms, is of great significance to the traditional farming society.

Major celebrations such as worshipping gods and offering sacrifices to ancestors, praying for the New Year, exorcising evil and bustling disasters, removing old and new ones, and welcoming spring are all arranged to be held on the beginning of spring day and before and after. This series of festival activities not only constitute the framework of the first festival of later generations, but also its folk function has survived to this day.



The beginning of spring represents the beginning of all things and the meaning of all life, which means that a new cycle has been opened. In the traditional concept, more auspicious meaning.


Just like the new 2021, it carries too much hope and expectation.


Twenty-three over a small year



Immediately following the beginning of spring, is the date of the controversial "little year".

In the northern region, the small year is December 23, while in most southern regions, the small year is December 24.

Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai call "December 24" and "the night before New Year's Eve" a small year. Nanjing calls the Lantern Festival on the 15th of the first month a small year. In some parts of Yunnan, the small year date is the 16th of the first month. In some parts of the southwest and north, the small year date is New Year's Eve.


With so many dates, the little year is not a single day, but a traditional folklore.



The main folk activities during the new year include preparing new year's goods, sweeping dust, offering sacrifices to stoves, etc., which are usually regarded as the beginning of preparing for the new year's festival, preparing for a rich and clean year, expressing people's good wishes to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new year.



In the ancient traditional customs, offering sacrifices to the stove king has always been an indispensable activity in the small year.

Ancient myths and legends believe that the Kitchen God is a relatively low-level god, but he has a great power, that is, he has to report the good and evil of the family to heaven every year.


In order to make him say more good things, the Jade Emperor gave more rewards to ordinary people and less punishment. People used all kinds of articles to offer sacrifices to the king of the stove.



The myths and legends of the Kitchen God have long become a part of my country's traditional culture. Although everyone has long stopped offering sacrifices to the Kitchen God, the sacrificial offering made in ancient times to make the Kitchen God speak well has become a small year. An indispensable traditional name.

As the saying goes, "Twenty-three, sugar melon sticks", it means sticking sweet sugar melon to the kitchen god's mouth to make his mouth sweet and only say good things, not bad things.

Tanggua is a gourd or melon shape made of wheat tooth candy dipped with sesame seeds, but this sweet is rare in the south.

A crisp and sugar melon have the same effect, are made of maltose, sweet and crisp food.

As a traditional non-heritage food in small Kunshan town, a crisp instead of sugar melon sticks to the mouth of the Kitchen God, and the sweet effect will definitely double.



According to the ancient legend of December 24, the kitchen king wanted to say something.

Cloud car wind horse small Liurian, the family has a cup plate abundance classic sacrifice.

Pig head rotten hot Pisces fresh, bean paste sweet pine powder bait ball.

The man offered his daughter to avoid, and the wine burned money and the kitchen was happy.

-- The Poem of Sacrificing the Kitchen, Southern Song Dynasty, Fan Chengda



Another traditional food, Fang Cake, is more in line with the festival customs of the little Kunshan people.

The square cake made of glutinous rice is not only delicious, but also has a very good meaning. The cake is homophonic with "high", which means that everyone's career and living standards are getting higher year by year.

Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer families making their own cakes, but many elderly people still have memories of making and tasting the sweetness of cakes. In the small year, invite the elders of the family to relive the practice of square cakes in advance, add a traditional delicacy to the table of the Spring Festival, and add one more ritual and two points of interest to the arrival of the Spring Festival. Why not?



Another important thing during the new year is to "sweep the house", that is, to clean up.

Spring cleaning before the Spring Festival seems to have become a traditional Spring Festival project for Chinese families.

The traditional folk proverb says: on the twenty-fourth of December, dusting and sweeping the house.

The mother often has to urge the father and the child to clean the whole corner of the house to make it look new.



Through the cleaning, people expressed the idea of getting rid of the old and welcoming the new in the New Year.

At the same time of cleaning, some families will throw away some old things, such as clothes, shoes, etc., and buy more things, which also represents getting rid of the old and welcoming the new.


Today's women have reached a consensus regardless of the country: do hair, manicure and buy new clothes before the Spring Festival. Men also tend to trim a fresh and handsome new hairstyle in advance to welcome the upcoming New Year with a new look.


The little year can be seen as the prelude, rehearsal and even rehearsal of the Spring Festival. Let's move quickly and prepare for the arrival of the Spring Festival!





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