Yuan Lei's Little Knowledge | Application of Nano Calcium Carbonate in Ink

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2024-01-29 09:34

Nano calcium carbonate refers to the functional inorganic filler with a particle size of 1-100nm, which is widely used in rubber, plastic, paper, ink, coating, sealant and adhesive, medicine, toothpaste, food and other fields. The following small band to understand the application of nano calcium carbonate in ink.



Ink is mainly composed of pigment, connecting material, filler, additives, etc. The use of nano calcium carbonate by the configuration of the ink, the body bone and viscosity is better, it has good printing performance; good stability; dry fast and no opposite effect; due to the small particles, so the printing smooth, dot integrity, can improve the finish of the ink, suitable for high-speed printing, offset offset printing ink, gravure printing ink.


Nano calcium carbonate used in ink requires high performance. After use, the ink should show good dispersibility, absorption, transparency, gloss and good hiding power and printing adaptability. The dispersibility determines the gloss, fluidity and transparency of the ink. The crystal form of nano calcium carbonate is mainly cubic. The cubic nano calcium carbonate has the characteristics of low oil absorption value, good fluidity and easy dispersion. The particle size is generally between 20 ~ 100nm; the fluidity is related to the crystal shape and particle size. Cube and sphere crystals show greater fluidity, while chain crystals show smaller fluidity. Manufacturers need to select appropriate nano-calcium carbonate according to the type of ink produced. An important indicator of gloss of ink is related to the crystal shape and particle size distribution of calcium carbonate. Cube nano-calcium carbonate has a narrow particle size distribution and is arranged neatly in the ink coating, the surface of the printed matter is smooth and shows good gloss; the whiteness requirement is low, because other pigments need to be added, and the whiteness is too high to cause coloring.


In the ink industry, nano calcium carbonate plays an important role, the quality of the ink determines the quality of the printed matter, the use of nano calcium carbonate preparation of ink smooth, stable, good printing, covering power, in the printing process also showed good ink absorption, contribute to the quick drying of the ink.


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