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Magnesium powder is the main raw material of superfine talcum powder, with a small amount of functional mineral dressing, and after different coupling bridging agent, high fatty acid, anionic surfactant and other mixed processing, has a certain reinforcing function of powder filler. Magnesium powder is resistant to exposure and high temperature in paints and coatings, does not change color under ultraviolet light, can maintain its original luster and color for a long time, has good acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and has good water resistance, strong pollution resistance, aging resistance, abrasion resistance, steam resistance and chemical stability, and strong flame retardant performance.



"Features 』

1. The particle size is fine and the texture is hard, which can provide a smooth feel.

2. Reduce the gloss and have a good flat effect.

3. The specific surface area and oil absorption are large, and a large amount of oil can be absorbed to make the thickening effect significant.

4. It has hydrophobicity and organophilicity, and excellent moisture resistance.

5. Good whiteness, strong hiding power, excellent suspension performance and rheological performance, which can reduce product sagging and settlement.

6, has the effect of steric hindrance, can make the formula of titanium dioxide evenly dispersed, so that the titanium dioxide increment, to save part of the purpose of titanium dioxide, can replace 25-45% of titanium dioxide, so as to reduce the cost. After the paint is made, the storage stability of the paint and the performance of the paint film meet the requirements.

7. It is ultra-fine, does not require grinding, and reduces energy consumption.

8. The flake microcrystalline structure enables the coating film to absorb the pressure generated by expansion or contraction, so that the coating film is free from cracks and voids, and the construction and brushing properties are greatly improved.

9. Excellent outdoor durability, abrasion resistance and can increase the adhesion of the paint film to the substrate.

10. The PH value is alkaline, and the packaging stability and rust resistance are excellent.



"Purpose 』

1. Magnesium strong powder is applied to improve the processing performance of rubber plastic resin such as die pressing, calendering, extrusion and injection, and can replace 10-15% of more expensive rubber materials to reduce the cost of raw materials.

2, magnesium powder is used in rubber plastic resin glue agent (Plasticizers), especially in the foam products can help its processing molding, that is, reduce the friction between polymer molecules, so that the molecular bond is easy to move, so in the processing whether it is press molding, extrusion molding, will be able to shorten the molding time to improve productivity.

3. Magnesium strong powder can make linear (Linear) molecules in the polymer, and the magnesium strong powder bridging effect (Crosslinking) changes from a planar structure to a three-dimensional structure (NET-WORK) to enhance the wear resistance, toughness and crack resistance of the rubber mold (Antiblocking Effect).

4. In magnesium strong powder, polyolefin is mixed on the surface of extremely fine (silicon dioxide SiO2. magnesium oxide MgO), which is helpful to control transparency and hardness. If a small amount of (5-10PHR) magnesium strong powder is added to the transparent film, it can produce excellent semi-gloss flat system and anti-caking (Antibocking) properties on the surface.

5, magnesium powder in the rubber resin, can change the physical properties of the product-increase tensile strength, strength, shear strength, distortion strength, hardness, reduce deformation, elongation, thermal expansion coefficient, etc.

6. After the magnesium strong powder is mixed with the rubber compound, the flakes with a thickness of 8m/m-10m/m are calendered or extruded, which has a smooth and very beautiful surface and can quickly reduce bubbles.

7. Magnesium strong powder is also one of the thermal stability agents (Heat stabisizers). Because it contains high fatty acid compounds, it can not only be used as lubricants for rubber and plastic products, but also react with precipitated Hcl to make Hcl lose its cracking effect.

8. Magnesium strong powder can improve the touch and reduce the electrostatic effect.

9, strong magnesium powder into the rubber, can make the product easy to print and finish.

10. Magnesium strong powder has the function of antioxidant. Because it contains aromatic compounds, it can prevent the bond energy in the polymer from being broken by heat, light or oxygen, resulting in the strength of the rubber material being reduced or brittle and losing its application value. This phenomenon is especially significant in polyolefin plastics such as PVC, EVA, TPR, PE, ABS and various rubbers.

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