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Kaolin is a mixture of inorganic non-metals, kaolin through the calciner sintering to a certain temperature and time, the physical and chemical properties will produce a certain change, the formation of calcined kaolin. What are its applications in production and life?

Coating special kaolin

Calcined kaolin is a kind of functional environment-friendly pigment and filler, which has been widely used in the coating industry and shows its superior performance.

Strong adsorption (amorphous porous structure)

BbpToTo keep the paint bright color for a long time (silicon aluminum content of 98.67%High purity and high weather resistance)

Very good leveling and gloss (high whiteness, fine particles)

BbpToImproved refractive index and coverage (amorphous porous body and excellent particle size distribution)

Good dispersion and suspension (stable physical and chemical properties)

BbpToImprove product competitiveness (alternative 20%-50%of titanium dioxide, a complete replacement for litho)

Meet the requirements of green environmental protection (non-toxic, tasteless white body pigment filler)


Modified kaolin for rubber

calcined kaolinHigh purity, low impurity content, low heavy metal content, belongs to the layered structure of the heteroaxial crystal system, after surface modification, used in rubber products, easy to be wet, improve the dispersion effect, play a very good reinforcement performance. At the same time, improve the mechanical strength, enhance the wear resistance and chemical stability, extend the hardening time of the rubber, the vulcanization effect is significantly improved, and the amount of rubber raw rubber is reduced. Can replace all or part of the white carbon black, effectively reduce the cost.

Calcined kaolin used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical rubber stopper process, can improve the physical and chemical properties, with good vulcanization, air tightness, high cleanliness, effectively reduce the cost of products, improve product quality.


Modified Kaolin for Insulation Electronics

Calcined coal kaolin has good comprehensive electrical insulation properties. After surface modification, the compatibility of the system components is improved, the plasticization is promoted and the melt viscosity is reduced. Increase the adsorption surface and activity, the residual conductive ions in the insulating electronic material adsorption, so that the insulation is improved, the volume resistivity increased by more than four times. Improve the product surface gloss, improve dimensional stability, good precision, chemical corrosion resistance, insulation stability in humid environment is significantly improved. Greatly improve product market competitiveness.

Modified kaolin for plastics

Calcined kaolin has uniform particle size distribution and is used in the plastics industry after surface modification to improve the surface finish of plastic products. In the plastic system with the resin cross-linking strong, strong chemical inertness, almost no reaction with any reagents at room temperature, can improve the product's acid and alkali resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, improve Tg(glass softening temperature), effectively reducing the cost of the product.

for PEIn the agricultural film, the aging resistance of the agricultural film is enhanced, its service life is prolonged, and the far-infrared blocking rate is increased by more than 85%, which is significantly higher than 61% of calcium carbonate and 73% of talc.

in PPThe composite material formed with PP has good UV resistance and improves the aging performance, which is obviously better than calcium carbonate and talcum powder. It also acts as a nucleating agent.


Modified kaolin for ink

Ink-specific kaolin has been widely used, showing its superior performance.

Excellent coverage (with unique particle size aspect ratio)

Improved ink adsorption (amorphous porous body structure)

High weather resistance (silicon aluminum content of 98.67%of high purity)

Good leveling and gloss (high whiteness, fine particle size and uniform distribution)

Enhance the viscosity of the ink, improve the solid content (stable physical and chemical properties)

Play the role of anti-settling (high surface activity, easy to disperse)

Improve product competitiveness (alternative 10%-15%of titanium dioxide)

Meet the requirements of green environmental protection (non-toxic, tasteless white body pigment)


Other industry-specific kaolin

Calcined kaolin has unique and excellent physical and chemical properties, as a functional bulk pigment filler, it is used to improve the physical and chemical properties of products and reduce costs, and has broad prospects for development and application.

Electric porcelain, ceramic industry, high refractoriness, plasticity, paste, good sintering.

Fine pores in the pharmaceutical, pesticide and oil refining industries, with great adsorption, as a catalyst to improve the quality of oil products.

High-grade daily chemical products white body pigment filler, good adsorption, high wear-resistant non-toxic environmental protection materials

Silicon fertilizer and feed additive neutral, high silicon content

The new composite material has good mechanical strength, impact resistance, radiation resistance, high temperature resistance and excellent corrosion resistance

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Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral, which is a kind of clay and clay rock mainly composed of kaolinite clay minerals. Because it is white and delicate, also known as white earth. It is named after Gaoling Village, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province.