Yuan Lei's Little Knowledge | Take You to Know Glass Powder

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2024-01-29 09:34

01. Introduction

Glass powder is an inorganic amorphous hard particle powder with silicate chemical composition. It is usually used as a filling material with high transparency and high hardness. In production, electronic grade raw materials such as PbO , SiO2 and TiO2 are used for mixing, and then solid-state reaction is carried out at high temperature to form a glass homogeneous body with disordered structure. Its chemical properties are stable. Its acid resistance has far exceeded that of lead oxide. However, in the expression of chemical composition, it is usually converted into oxide, such as: PbO , SiO2 and so on. Please note the difference.

glass powder properties:

Molecular formula: SiO2; Molecular weight: 60.08; Appearance: white powder; pH value: 6-7; Whiteness: ≥ 96; Mohs hardness: 7.8; Density: 2.7; Oil absorption: 30(g/100g).



02, characteristics

1. The glass powder has good transparency, high hardness, small particle size and uniform distribution.

2. The glass powder has good dispersibility and good compatibility with other components in the resin and paint system.

3, glass powder after repeated surface treatment, in the paint system for filling, paint film without blue light, good recoatability.

4, used in high-grade scratch-resistant topcoat, can increase the hardness of the topcoat, toughness, improve the scratch resistance of the paint film, with matting effect, can improve the weather resistance of the paint film.

5. Compared with talcum powder, glass powder is easier to precipitate after the paint is thinned, so anti-settling measures should be properly strengthened.

6, after many surface improvements, has a good affinity, and has a strong steric hindrance ability, can be easily dispersed in the coating, after the film can increase the fullness of the coating, made of crystal transparent primer class, both to maintain the transparency of the varnish, but also to provide good polishing.



03 Application Notes

Glass powder is mainly used in the production of high-grade furniture for crystal primer. It is also widely used as a dual-purpose paint for decoration. Scope of application: polyester paint, polyurethane paint, lacquer, alkyd paint, acrylic paint, vinyl acid paint, etc., PE transparent primer, etc.

1. In the furniture paint finish, its transparency, thixotropy, hardness and abrasion resistance are very good. It is recommended to add 3-7% and color paint 5-10%.

2, suitable for plastic paint, metal paint, the recommended dosage is 10-15%.

3, glass powder in the paint is mainly used for the production of high-grade furniture as a crystal primer, but also widely used as a decoration with dual-purpose paint. It is recommended to add 5%-10%.


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