The summer is not over, and the days are getting cooler.

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The summer is not over, and the days are getting cooler.


The summer heat is the 14th solar term in the 24 solar terms.Usually around August 23 of each year.At this time the sun is moving to Leo's Xuanyuan fourteen stars near.When watching the Big Dipper at night, the curved handle still points to "Shen" (southwest).

The "Moon Order 72 Hou Jixie" said:"The place, go also, the heat so far and stop."The" place "contains the meaning of hiding and terminating, and the" summer heat "means that the hot summer days are coming to an end and the temperature will gradually drop.The heat is a solar term during the year when the temperature transitions from hot to cold.



When the heat arrives, the heat stops.The summer heat escapes into the vegetation and forests, withers in the dark and silent place, like a rest, stopping at the passage of the summer heat.

When the summer comes, autumn really comes.Wake up in the morning, the breeze blowing, refreshing;At noon the sun is not too hot;Sunset dusk, sunset and solitary harrier Qi Fei;The evening breeze came slowly, blowing a pool of autumn water.Heaven and earth, after a warm and crazy summer, showed its gentle and peaceful beauty.



Three Summer Waits

In ancient China, the heat was divided into three categories:

"One wait for an eagle is a sacrifice to a bird; The second wait for heaven and earth to purge; The third wait for He is Deng."


summer folk custom


decoction tea

This custom has been in vogue since the Tang Dynasty. During the summer heat, every family has the habit of frying herbal tea. First, they go to the pharmacy to prepare prescriptions, and then fry tea at home to prepare drinks. This means that they have to eat some "bitter" in autumn, which is quite good in clearing heat, removing fire, eliminating food and removing lung heat.



Worship the Land Lord

At the time of the harvest of crops, the farmers held various ceremonies to thank the land master. Some killed animals and went to the earth temple to worship, some put flags and streamers in the middle of the field to express gratitude, and some did not wash their feet when they came home from work in the fields on this day, fearing that they would wash away the harvest.



Open fishing festival

For coastal fishermen, it is a good time for fishery harvest after the summer heat. Every year, the annual grand fishing festival is held in the coastal areas of Zhejiang Province.


Heatstroke health


Adjust work and rest to relieve autumn fatigue

During the summer heat, the natural yang tends to converge from draining, and the ups and downs of yin and yang in the human body also change. Therefore, people are often accompanied by lazy fatigue after the summer heat in autumn, which is what people often call "autumn fatigue".

In order to prevent autumn fatigue from affecting normal work, study and life, it is necessary to adjust the work and rest habits and methods of sleeping late since summer, so as to go to bed early and get up early, take a proper lunch break, and stretch more, which will help relieve autumn fatigue.



Light diet, moisten lung and prevent dryness

After the heat is obvious, the lungs are easily injured, and symptoms such as cough, gastroenteritis and bronchitis are prone to occur. At this time, the diet should benefit the kidney and liver, moisten the lung and stomach, and eat less spicy and barbecue foods to avoid aggravating autumn dryness.

Eat more heat-clearing foods, such as tremella, lily, lotus seeds, spinach, etc., but these foods should not be eaten too much at a time, so eat less and eat more.



Add clothes in the morning and evening, sleep and cover

As the saying goes: "Spring covers autumn and freezes, no miscellaneous diseases", it is to keep the body temperature not high in autumn, so as to help restrain the yang, because when the heat goes out, there must be cold exchange.

However, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, so you should pay attention to adding clothes in the morning and night, close the doors and windows when you go to bed at night, cover your abdomen with thin quilts, prevent the recurrence of stomach diseases, and pay special attention to the prevention of colds.



Easy exercise, recuperation spirit

After the summer heat, all things in the world from the spring and summer vitality to depression and cold, coupled with dry autumn, people appear mood swings and even depression are normal physiological reactions, at this time should pay attention to convergence mood, maintain a stable mind.


Summer Poetry

The Heat

Left River Water

When the summer heat came from the summer heat, the autumn wind was already late.

In the southern path of the Japanese trip, in the oblique light, the rice was cut and the horse chi was cut.



Heaven and earth have great beauty, only in the summer.

Life has great beauty, just in the stay.




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