Yuan Lei's Little Knowledge | The Role of Natural Barium Sulfate in Chemical Industry

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2024-01-29 09:34

Natural precipitated barium sulfate, also known as barite, because it contains CaCO3 and other impurities. Available in dilute HCl or dilute HNO3 test. Natural BaSO4 is used in the production of paints or fine paper and can be used as a white pigment [lithopone (ZnS.BaSO4) ZnSO4 BaS = ZnS.BaSO4]. And can be used as paint, ink, plastic, rubber raw materials and fillers. The chemical industry uses it to produce BaCl2 and other barium-containing compounds.



Precipitated barium sulfate is precipitated, which is a few stable salts in sulfate. It is mainly used as a weighting agent for oil and natural gas drilling mud, and is also an important mineral raw material for extracting metal barium and producing various barium compounds. The most important barium compounds in industry are barium carbonate, barium chloride, sulfuric acid, barium nitrate, barium hydroxide, barium oxide, barium peroxide, barium chromate, barium manganate, barium chlorate, lithopone, barium polysulfide, etc. Barium compounds have a wide range of uses: used as raw materials and fillers for rubber, plastics, pigments, coatings, papermaking, textiles, paints, inks, and welding rods; used as raw materials for barium-based greases, oil refining, beet sugar, and rayon; Used as pesticides, fungicides, rodenticides, explosives, green fireworks, signal bombs, tracer bombs, etc.; also used in glass, ceramics, leather, electronics, building materials, metallurgy and other sectors.

Barium sulfate has high filling properties and can be applied to all coating series, such as primers, thick paste coatings and other types. Its low specific surface area, particle size division and easy fluidity make barium sulfate have low abrasion during processing. Barium sulfate is recommended for the surface layer of automatic primer, and even when filled with high filling, barium sulfate is superior to most other fillers, especially in chemical resistance coating. Its inert, insoluble in water, acid, alkali and organic medium. Excellent gloss and particle fineness make the topcoat can be protected from long-term exposure. Barium sulfate is recommended for topcoats, which can increase surface hardness and color stability.

Applying barium sulfate (about 25%) to PP can make the surface of PP like ABS without affecting the existing characteristics of PP, provide high gloss and high hardness surface barium sulfate can reach 80% filling rate of its weight, and can effectively isolate noise and noise when applied to drain pipes, sound boxes and acoustics, barium sulfate N used in curtains can increase the weight of the shell for home appliances can provide high gloss, good hue, scratch resistance, good dimensional stability and other advantages.

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Different applications and specifications of washed kaolin and calcined kaolin


Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral, which is a kind of clay and clay rock mainly composed of kaolinite clay minerals. Because it is white and delicate, also known as white earth. It is named after Gaoling Village, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province.

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Barium sulfate is based on barite as the main raw material, through beneficiation, ore washing, crushing and other processes. Barium sulfate has a hardness of 3~3.5 (Mohs) and a specific gravity of 4.3~4.7. It has the characteristics of high specific gravity, low hardness and brittleness. Barite is almost insoluble in water, ethanol and acid, soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid. With the development of some high-performance barium sulfate products, the application field of barium sulfate is constantly expanding.