Yuan Lei's Little Knowledge | Barium Sulfate Series-Extinction Barium Sulfate

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2024-01-29 09:34

Yuan Lei's Little Knowledge | Barium Sulfate Series-Extinction Barium Sulfate



▷ Product Features

Colorless orthorhombic crystal or white amorphous powder. Odorless. It's tasteless. Decomposition above 1600 ℃. Soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid, almost insoluble in water, ethanol and dilute acid. The relative density is 3.5~4.5. Boiling point 1149 ℃. Soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid, easy to agglomerate when dry. 600 ℃ with carbon can be reduced to barium sulfide.



1, more bright color: good dispersion of matte barium, play a maximum hiding power, at the same time as the carrier of the pigment to make the pigment efficient dispersion and obtain uniform color; high purity whiteness make the tone brighter pure; fine crystal structure characteristics and high refractive index, make the color more rich and full.

2, more stable system: extinction barium good chemical inertness, so that all kinds of system basic environment to maintain stability; ultra-fine particle surface energy is strong, good compatibility, can be combined with other materials organic cross, enhance the binding force; evenly dispersed differential monomer, stable suspension in the system, do not produce flocculation or precipitation.

3. Stronger paint film: the high density of extinction barium brings good wear resistance; the strong surface of ultra-fine particles can make the film and the substrate more firmly combined; uniform ultrafine particles. Make the paint film more smooth, more durable.

4, more excellent weather resistance: extinction barium excellent chemical inertness, waterproof acid, can resist acid rain, high temperature and corrosion resistance; at the same time has a special ray absorption function, greatly improve the weather resistance of the coating.




1. Used in coatings and industry. Can be used as a paint, coating filler to replace precipitated barium sulfate, lide powder, titanium dioxide, active silica and other high-priced raw materials, suitable for controlling the viscosity of the paint, so that the product color bright, stable and good.

2, used in the plastics industry. -It can be used as a filler for plastic ABS raw materials, and can also be used in chips and mahjong to make the product shiny and bright, and at the same time, it can also improve the strength, rigidity and wear resistance of the product.

3. Used in rubber industry. 400 mesh products can be used in a large number of rubber products as a filler, reduce costs, improve product hardness, acid and alkali resistance and water resistance, and natural rubber and synthetic rubber has a good reinforcing effect.

4. Used in paper industry. High fineness barite powder can be used for white board paper, copper board paper filler and coating filler, in order to improve the whiteness, improve the surface coverage.

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Yuanlei Classroom | As a key material, how many applications does precipitated barium sulfate have?


The appearance of precipitated barium sulfate is a white amorphous powder, with a relative density of 4.50 (15 ℃) and a melting point of 1580 ℃. Due to its high refractive index (1.63-1.65), it exhibits a relatively white color and a certain degree of covering power. It is almost insoluble in water, ethanol, and acid, soluble in hot sulfuric acid. It is easy to form mixed crystals with potassium permanganate, calcium carbonate, or metal nitrates, and can be reduced to barium sulfide with carbon at high temperatures.

Yuan Lei's Little Knowledge | Application of Wet Mica Powder in Other Fields


Wet mica powder is a high-quality mineral filler made from high-quality mica raw materials, which are washed, impurity removed, soaked, crushed, low-temperature dried, and screened. Its unique production process maximizes the preservation of mica's sheet-like structure, large diameter to thickness ratio, high refractive index, high purity, high whiteness, high gloss, low sand and iron content, and other industrial characteristics that cannot be compared to dry process technology. The unique performance of wet mica powder has greatly improved its application in multiple industries such as plastics, paint, rubber, etc., and has a significant effect on improving product performance and reducing costs.

Yuan Lei's Little Knowledge | Application of Wet Mica Powder in Resin and Plastics


Wet mica powder is a high-quality powder with good whiteness, large diameter to thickness ratio, smooth surface, and uniform particle size obtained by special processes of crushing, drying, and grading mica fragments after washing, impurity removal, and purification. It is widely used in rubber, plastics, coatings, paints, cosmetics, and other industries.