National Day, salute to the motherland!

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2024-01-29 09:38


National Day, salute to the motherland!


Autumn in October, sweet osmanthus fragrance



We have ushered in,

Motherland's70 years old Birthday!

on this national day,

Happy birthday to the motherland!



On October 1, 70 years ago, the voice of a great man shook the world and resounded through the sky: "The Chinese people have stood up"! Since then, our motherland has embarked on a great road of rejuvenation. 70 years later, the great motherland has composed wonderful chapters with its vigorous development momentum and rising international status!
This is 70 years of vicissitudes, 70 years of moving, and 70 years of glory. Every one of us is proud of it!
On the occasion of celebrating the 70th birthday of the motherland, let us wish the great motherland more prosperous, more beautiful, and more prosperous!





We are all dreamers, and we are all building our beautiful motherland with our own struggle. Today, while we are happy for the 70th birthday of our motherland, we also remind ourselves to work harder, never forget our original intention, and forge ahead!


Great Chinese civilization

The rise of great powers, the sound of the world


Looking back on those eventful years


On October 1, 1949, at the founding ceremony, Chairman Mao solemnly announced on the Tiananmen Gate: "The Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China has been established!"


Now in 2019, it means that China has been the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China.



One was taken by President Xi.


A vehicle with license plate number 2019 was taken by Commander-in-Chief Yi Xiaoguang.


While the other vehicle with license plate number 1949 has four microphones on it.


But no one ride


2019 means now

And 1949 was the year of its founding.

Is countless heroes with blood, with life in exchange

The third car with license plate number 1949

It carries countless heroes

Countless revolutionary martyrs!

Heroes are always there.

This time, too, will always be there!


See the motherland beautiful today






"Combine the universal truth of Marxism with the concrete reality of our country, follow our own path, and build socialism with Chinese characteristics!"


"We will continue to push forward the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics and jointly create our happy life and bright future!"


"Strive hard to win new victories in building a well-off society in an all-round way and write a new chapter in the people's better life!"

In the past 70 years, four sentences, together with "opening up the world", "the story of spring", "entering a new era", "carrying forward the past and opening up the future", as well as "industrial development", "new rural construction", "democratic politics", "governing the country according to law", "scientific and technological development" and "harmonious home", outline the development context of this country.



In the past 70 years, we have been catching up and struggling at a speed that others can't think of. In the days to come, we will work harder to pursue our dreams. Seventy years of vicissitudes, seventy years we are working hard, seventy years we are sticking to, seventy years we are changing.


We will continue to move forward in the days to come.







Salute, we, the motherland, more, 70, construction, efforts, greatness, number, year

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