Chongyang | Chongyang every year, Chongyang again today

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Chongyang | Chongyang every year, Chongyang again today


Garden full of flowers, chrysanthemum, tulip yellow,

In the solitary cluster color like frost.
Also like today song banquet,

Pulsatilla into the juvenile field.

--- Bai Juyi





Chongyang starts from


The ninth day of the ninth lunar month is a traditional Chinese festival. In ancient China, people believed that "nine" was the largest number of numbers, and it was set as the number of yang. On September 9, the sun and the moon were both yang, and the two and nine were heavy, so it was called the double ninth day. Because "Nine Nine Nine" is the same as "Long Long", implying long life, health and longevity, and China has always had a tradition of respecting the elderly, so the Double Ninth Festival is regarded as "Old People's Day".






The Double Ninth Festival, also known as the Double Ninth Festival, the Sun Autumn Festival, "Autumn", is a traditional Chinese festival. The Double Ninth Festival has traveled since ancient times to enjoy autumn, climb high and overlook, watch chrysanthemums, insert cornel everywhere, eat double ninth cakes and drink chrysanthemum wine. As early as the Warring States period has formed the Double Ninth Festival, to the Tang Dynasty was officially designated as a folk festival,Since then, it has been followed by successive dynasties.




Nine-Day Mount Qi Climb

Du Mu

Jiang Han Qiu Ying Yan flew at the beginning, carrying the kettle with the guest on Cui Wei.

The earthly rare open mouth smile, chrysanthemum must be inserted head home.

But will be drunk pay festival, don't have to ascend hate fall light.

This is the only way through the ages. Why should Niu Shan be clothed alone.



The Double Ninth Festival is also known as the "Climbing Festival". Wherever you go, there is no pattern. You can climb a mountain or a tower. Legend has it that the ancients worshipped the mountain gods and believed that the mountain gods could save people from disasters, so people had to go up the mountains to play and avoid disasters on the double ninth day when the anode will change. At this time, the autumn harvest has been completed, and the farming is relatively idle, while the wild fruits and medicinal materials in the mountains are in the mature season. Farmers have gone up the mountains to collect wild fruits and medicinal materials. Over time, the custom of climbing high was formed.



Drunken Flower Yin-Mist Clouds Sorrow Forever Day

Li Qingzhao

The mist is thick and the clouds are sad for the day. Ruinao Gold Beast.

The festival is the Double Ninth Festival again, and the jade pillow yarn kitchen is cool at the beginning of the night.

Dongli put the wine after dusk. There are dark fragrant sleeves.

Mo Dao does not disappear, the curtain rolls the west wind, and people are thinner than yellow flowers.



Chrysanthemum, the flower of longevity, the Double Ninth Festival is the season when chrysanthemums are in full bloom. It is said that chrysanthemum appreciation and drinking chrysanthemum wine originated from Tao Yuanming, a pastoral poet of the Jin Dynasty. Tao Yuanming is famous for his seclusion, poetry, wine and chrysanthemum. Later generations followed suit, so there was the custom of enjoying chrysanthemum in Chongyang. In particular, the literati and scholars combined chrysanthemum appreciation with banquets in order to get closer to Tao Yuanming.


Fructus Corni


On September 9, I remember my brothers in Shandong.

Wang Wei

Alone in a foreign land for a foreign guest, every holiday season.

I know from afar that where my brother ascends the heights, there is one less person in the dogwood.



Cornus officinalis is an evergreen fragrant plants, can be insecticidal disinfection, cold dispelling wind. The custom of inserting dogwood on the Double Ninth Festival was already very common in the Tang Dynasty. On Chongyang Day, people pick its branches, leaves and fruits, sew them into small sacs with red cloth, and wear them on their bodies, believing that they can take refuge and eliminate disasters. In fact, before and after the Double Ninth Festival, the autumn rain is wet, and the heat has not receded. Clothes are easy to mildew and mosquitoes. Cornus officinalis can eliminate insects and moth, which is similar to the effect of burning moi during the Dragon Boat Festival.


Chongyang season, self-cultivation


Beware of autumn dryness

At the same time, autumn is particularly prone to respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, bronchial asthma, rhinitis and so on, especially for the elderly with low immunity. In response to autumn dryness, you should eat less spicy onions, ginger, garlic, peppers, etc., and eat more sour fruits, vegetables and foods to nourishing the liver. This season, drinking porridge can reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract and help digestion.



Warm sleep

Sleep is the highlight of health. Autumn night breeze, it is vulnerable to "thief wind" invasion. If the "thief wind" blows on the head and face of the sleeping person, the next morning you will feel migraine; the "thief wind" blows on the abdomen, it will cause diarrhea; the "thief wind" blows on the exposed limbs, but also The muscles are in a state of tension contraction. Therefore, at this time of year, you must stay out of the wind and cold when you fall asleep. In addition, the autumn climate is dry, the wind is strong, and the sweat evaporates quickly, which is easy to cause dry mouth, dry throat, constipation, and dry skin. In daily life, pay attention to maintain indoor humidity.



Avoid blind patching

Autumn is the season of tonic, and many old people "stick to autumn fat" at this time ". Nowadays, there are many popular science articles on all kinds of health preservation and health in the society, but some views are not suitable for everyone. Especially for the elderly, they must be supplemented according to their own specific conditions. Many Chinese medicine supplements are very concerned about the cold and heat of the constitution, and they must be clarified before taking them.



Living often

The most important thing in the season is to maintain good living habits. It is best not to break the original, habitual and stable living routine.

The elderly bone more brittle, is a high incidence of bone and joint disease. If there are elderly people in the family who want to climb, they must be reminded to avoid long-term strenuous exercise and pay attention to protecting the health of bones and joints.



Mood open-minded

In autumn, the sunshine decreases, the temperature gradually drops, and the flowers and trees wither. In such an environment, it is easy to feel melancholy, irritability, desolation and twilight. The elderly mood is not smooth, will accelerate the physiological aging speed, induce a variety of diseases. The children should talk more with their parents and communicate more.



The most beautiful thing in the world, is that I have grown up, you are not old; I have the ability to repay, you are still healthy. Today Chongyang, make a wish together to wish the elderly in the family a long and healthy life and wish the elderly all over the world happiness and well-being!













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