Beginning of winter | cold wind, winter is coming!

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beginning of winter | cold wind, winter is coming!



Beginning of Winter

Friday 8th November 2019

lunar October 12




"The Beginning of Winter"

Song · Qiu Yuan

Fine rain is cold and there is no frost, and the wooden leaves are half green and yellow before the court.

Koharu has not been away for many days. Where is the plum blossom.





Beginning of Winter

Is the beginning of winter


The weather is warm, the sun is just right, the breeze is not dry, but beginning of winter has arrived as promised, neither late nor early. At the turn of autumn and winter, the blurred and crisscrossed, the cold wind suddenly appeared, and between the trance, I was shocked, ha--Winter is coming.


The clouds are less and less, the fallen leaves and grass are in the cold wind.There was a rustle, and the days were getting colder and colder. People on the street changed into thick coats.


"Li, Jian Shi also", "winter, finally also, all things collection."The so-called "beginning of winter" is the beginning ofThe crops are put into storage, the stinging insects are hidden, and the breath of all things slows down and slowly dreams.


Beginning of Winter

The North prepares for winter

The South is "Little Spring"



Of the four seasons of the year, winter can best highlight the difference between the north and the south.After the Beginning of Winter, the north has begun to roar with the north wind. If there is a strong wind, all the trees on both sides of the road will be blown into light poles, which will give people a feeling of winter.


But in the south, it will show the warm weather of spring and March, commonly known as "Xiaoyangchun", some plants will bloom twice, the wind is beautiful, warm and comfortable.





Beginning of Winter

Don't forget to eat dumplings


The beginning of winter to fill the winter, not fill the mouth empty. Although "the winter solstice tastes better than dumplings", in beginning of winter, people also eat dumplings to welcome the winter.In ancient times, dumplings came from the saying "the time of Jiaozi". For example, New Year's Eve is the turn of the old year and the new year, while the beginning of winter is the turn of autumn and winter, so dumplings must be eaten at the time of Jiaozi.



In my opinion, rules come second,It is happiness to be able to stay at home and have a steaming dumpling with your family.




Chinese people who love life,

Can put any festival,

It all becomes a food festival.

The more cold days,

A table with the family for a hot dumpling,

Welcome the winter with warmth.


The beginning of winter three waiting

Water begins to ice, ground begins to freeze, pheasant into the water for mirage


As soon as the water starts to ice |The water began to freeze, but the ice did not become solid.



Second waiting ground begins to freeze |The land condensed cold, but not to crack.



The three-waiting pheasant enters the water as a mirage |Pheasant refers to pheasant, mirage for large clam. The birds are dormant, but the clams are breeding, and the ancients thought they were made by pheasants.



Beginning of Winter Health Preservation

Warm tonic, warm and warm


After the beginning of winter, it means that winter is officially coming. The vegetation withers, the stinging insects are dormant, and the activities of all things tend to rest. The folk have the custom of beginning of winter.



Eat more staple food, appropriate to eat mutton, quail and sea cucumberDon't think about losing weight in winter, take more calories to keep warm from the cold, or you will lose more than you gain if you are depressed and weak.




Animal liver and carrots can increase cold resistanceIncreasing the intake of vitamin A and vitamin C can enhance the cold tolerance and adaptability to cold, and has a good protective effect on blood vessels. Vitamin A mainly from animal liver, carrots, dark green vegetables, vitamin C is mainly from fresh fruits and vegetables.




In cold weather,

Eat more warm and tonic food,

not only makes the body stronger,And keep out the cold,

Not for the sake of body,

Shivering in the cold wind.


Beginning of winter is a language

When winter comes, will spring be far behind?


After the beginning of winter,

The coldest and most romantic season,

The money came before us.

Say goodbye to the autumn forest,

Looking forward to the sprout of spring,

Winter is always cold and far away.


But when the first snowflake falls on earth,

When heaven and earth were shrouded in a haze of white air,

a coat,A scarf, a cluster of lights;

A greeting, a hug, a confession;

A touch of tenderness, a piece of warmth,

Extra warm and romantic,

No matter how cold,


Nor does it drop the temperature of love.















Cold wind, beginning of winter, winter, cold, start, dumplings, vitamins, warm, turn, everything

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