The snow arrived, the most beautiful blessing to you!

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2024-01-29 09:38


The snow arrived, the most beautiful blessing to you!



when the heavy snow arrived,

As the name implies, there is a lot of snow.

By this time,
Snow tends to fall widely and widely,

hence the name heavy snow.

Heavy snow is coming,

It indicates a good year for the coming year,
People are looking forward to seeing in the heavy snow solar term,
A good omen for "a good year of snow.

Pay attention after the heavy snow,
Cold warm, to prevent a cold.



there were bursts of snow and the temperature dropped,
Don't try to be brave,

Exercise more to protect health,
Drink hot soup to warm the stomach,

Bubble hot spring blood,
Don't bother laughing often,


Send more messages, send more greetings,
May you be happy and auspicious.



The wind and frost are heavy, the weather is colder,
Time changes, seasons change.

When the snow comes, I miss again,
May friends keep warm.

Add clothes, exercise frequently,
The body is healthy, the person is healthy.


Strong meaning, hidden in the heart,
Blessed, infinite joy.



Light snow followed by heavy snow,
every day is getting colder and colder,

Friends from afar have not met,
Coil the message of the heart,

Add clothes to keep warm at any time,
Beware of colds is the key,


The cold winter and the snow are destroying,
Only friendship is long.



Heavy snow approaching, the north wind frequency,
Dew ice, frost chill heart.

Exercise frequently, health line,
Wish you, good mood.

Seasons change, it's colder,
Add clothes, people warm.


Think infinite, friends hang on,
Wish you, happy companion.



Melting snowflakes into the heart of the sea,
There is a sentence for your heart,

The blessing scattered sea,
There is a return for you,

Fold the warmth into a sea of flowers,
One exists for you.

The arrival of heavy snow solar terms,
Happy happiness good luck.



Snow to, snowflakes,
Snowflake blossoming auspicious;

Worry goes, sorrow goes away,
Happy total a lot of happiness;

Bad luck, disease escape,
Body well-being golden bell jar;


Send blessings, friendship high,
Happy happiness around you.



Snow is a kind of missing,
Holding the heart of thousands of miles,

Snow is a blessing,
Warm you my feelings,

Snow is a greeting,
With purity and peace,

Snow is a kind of sustenance,
Send happiness to the world,

The arrival of heavy snow solar terms,
The snow immediately floated,

Peace and happiness to send you,
May you be happy.



the cold winter,

There is always a ray of sunshine warm heart;

the distance,

There is always a back never forget;

In the heart,

There is always a warm and sweet greeting;


There is always a blessing in winter.

Heavy snow, solar terms,

I hope everything goes well with you!








Heavy snow, happiness, warmth, there are always, solar terms, one, snowflake, blessing, happiness

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