Vigorous Rong Gui, Yuan Lei keeps walking to welcome the wonderful 2020.

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2024-01-29 09:38


Vigorous Rong Gui, Yuan Lei keeps walking to welcome the wonderful 2020.


National Fitness

Welcome to 2020

Feel the new changes of colorful Ronggui city


High energy ahead

Please note







Yuanlei Powder Company's colleagues participated in hiking activities, and the company's employees spent a different time together.New Year's Day.We use the lens to record the happy time, and share with you.








Ten kilometers on foot to complete, arrived at the destination, there should be a photo here to commemorate.











Daily life seems to be step by step, but the reality is very different. "I believe in changing the 2020 of forging ahead and winning the war", Yuanlei Powder welcomes the arrival of 2020 with each employee through the New Year's Day hiking activity.


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