Yuan Lei's Year-end Summary, Work Together to Win the Year of the Rat

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Yuan Lei's Year-end Summary, Work Together to Win the Year of the Rat


January 8, 2020,yuanlei powderThe office held an annual year-end summary meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, various departments took stock of the work of the year.We sum up experiences and lessons, share gains and losses, and make adequate preparations for the struggle in 2020.yuanlei powderSeiko quality.




A group full of combat effectiveness has the ability to resist risks and accept challenges.The future may be difficult, only in difficult times, to show real strength.


Criticism and correction, self-examination and self-examination, experience comes from practice and reflection on mistakes. Looking back on the past, there are gains and losses. Between gains and losses, growth is also a test.
Every detail is the key to success or failure, and every detail cannot be ignored.The success of the business is dueFor every detail has been improved, is the result of the collective efforts of employees.Tense, serious, lively and laughing, the meeting is over, summing up the past 2019 and welcoming the near 2020.
Paying attention to the growth of employees, paying attention to the reserve and training of talents, and striving to improve the happiness of employees' lives are the goals that Yuanlei Powder has been pursuing.
2020 is destined to be a challenging and unpredictable year. As an enterprise that has been steadily fighting in China for many years, and as an enterprise with strict requirements on products and details, the new year is a key year and a year worth looking forward.The year-end summary meeting is both the end and the beginning. All the past is the preface.No matter how difficult the road ahead is, only Do not forget your initiative mind can wait for youth.

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