Against the epidemic, Yuan Lei pays tribute to "the most beautiful retrograde"!

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2024-01-29 09:38


Against the epidemic, Yuan Lei pays tribute to "the most beautiful retrograde"!


2020 at the beginning of the new year

The new coronavirus is in a lightning-fast trend.

Sweeping the land of China



However, there are such a group of people

When everyone is fleeing Wuhan and Hubei

They are from all sides of the motherland


Starry night and go to Wuhan



Some of them are doctors, some are nurses

Some are workers, some are volunteers.

But in this moment

They only have one identity


Inverse Walker



The virus broke out and they were in danger.

The epidemic is precipitous, and they move forward against the wind.

They come from all directions of Deqing

To the precarious, epidemic demon-filled Deqing

Dial the clouds to look at the sun, a final word

To the hearts of people who are boiling with public opinion and panic.

Firmly into, set the sea god needle!




Doctor Nurse

They fought at the forefront of the epidemic.

They're dealing with viruses every day, competing with death

Pull patient after patient from the brink of death

They should have enjoyed the Spring Festival holiday at home

But was urgently recalled to the hospital to fight the epidemic!



In the most dangerous environment

do the noblest work

With the heart of a child, Chu bag of love

Save the people from fire and water, and relieve all living beings from duckweed.



Knowing that the road ahead is dangerous

But still the determination to move forward without hesitation

Because they 've been carrying a heavy load.


Only for us to win the prosperity of peace



Personnel on duty


In addition to the health care workers who faced the outbreak.

And these front-line officers


Still stick to the front



In the cold wind

24 hours of persistence

Starting from the first day of the new year

They are fighting an all-out epidemic prevention and control war.


returning workers


What's the best-selling item this Spring Festival?

Not pork, not gifts, but masks!

These workers give up their holidays to return to the factory

Continue the intense production operation

Use your own actions to support epidemic prevention!



Perhaps they are the most inconspicuous

Maybe they're unknown

But they give up their family for everyone, regardless of their merits and fame.

They are united as one.


Help the cause of fighting the epidemic with the nameless me.





They are the biggest victims of this epidemic

They are also the strongest supporters of this epidemic prevention work.

They also have a small family, parents, but also children

But they are determined to stay at home for everyone.


Resolutely fight the epidemic to the end



In order to prevent and control the epidemic

No relatives, no visits

At home, and the virus to fight to the end!



We miss this city more than ever.

Return to normal order and life.

We love this city, because there is love there is hope!

The fight against the epidemic

We 've been together!



Heart of Wuhan


They advised us to stay away from the epidemic area.

He has become a "retrograde"

Which have what years quiet good

It's just someone carrying your weight.

Where are the angels in white?

It's just a bunch of people.

Learning from the appearance of predecessors, he is robbing people with death.

Thanks to the "retrograde"


Let us salute them!



No winter is insurmountable

No spring will not come

Waiting for the end of this winter

Let's go to Wuhan to see cherry blossoms

Let's go to Wuhan to eat Regan Noodles

Come on, Wuhan!

Come on, China!




The most beautiful, they, epidemic, we, Wuhan, walkers, have a plenty of, forward, resolute, one

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