Just now, the angel really fell from the sky!

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2024-01-29 09:38


Just now, the angel really fell from the sky!


No rhetoric

Without a moment's hesitation


There is no omnipotent hero

Only mortals who come forward

They use flesh and blood

retrograde and up



Wuhan Tianhe Airport

Welcome a special plane of China Eastern Airlines

be incorporatedunified national rescue plan

Private medical professional team

200 White Angel Volunteers

Counter-current to Hubei, frontal war epidemic





This is a blood rally

This is a tragic farewell



really fall from the sky

Like little stars

Into this bright star river

This is also the great river of heroes




An angel and a warrior.

The call will come, the battle will be won


They come from 25 provinces.

24-hour build-up is complete

Special plane lands in Wuhan within a week

vow to win the battle of life



Is an angel, but also a mortal

Even if there is no turning back



I lent you my mom,

Please keep it"


"Mom is going to Wuhan to catch monsters,

You have to wait for your mother to come back"


"Mom and Dad, the children are entrusted to you"

"On the day of the victory against the epidemic, when my son is back home!"






There is no heart to give up

There is concern in the eyes

Is the mission, is the responsibility, is to bear

Let them give up the family

Fearlessretrograde, go ahead




Is an angel, also need support

Behind more people do their best


20 tons100 CubeSupport materials

Masks, protective clothing, goggles, medical caps

Protect you well

Underwear, socks, sports shoes, down jacket

Warm your heart

You guard the sick

We guard you






I watched you go on a war

I'm waiting for your triumph



Wait for the ice to meltBlossoms in Spring

I hope everyone will return safely.


Not one less










Really, angels, Wuhan, they, no, mother, too, heroes, special planes, falling from the sky

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