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Extinction calcium carbonate


Calcium carbonate

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Calcium Carbonate

Molecular formula:


Molecular weight:

100.09 (according to the 1979 International Atomic Scale)





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Product Description

Extinction calcium carbonate
Specifications:405 g/m2
Performance:White powder.
Features:Does not contain heavy crystal genus; Reduce the proportion, improve the powder rate; Increase the cover rate, replace barium sulfate, reduce costs. It has the advantages of good dispersion, high whiteness and good optical properties.
Rubber industry:Calcium carbonate is used in rubber products. The higher the oil absorption value, the better the wettability and reinforcement of rubber.
The plastics industry:Calcium carbonate is used in plastic products to reduce costs, improve stability, hardness and rigidity, improve the processing performance of plastics, improve their heat resistance, improve the astigmatism, scratch resistance, smoothness and impact resistance of the notch. The toughening effect of the strength and the viscosity of the mixing process have obvious effects.
Coating industry:Calcium acid added to the coating can be used as a high-quality filler for whitening, improve the gloss of the coating and paint, and at the same time play a reinforcing role.
Ink industry:Calcium carbonate is used in ink products and exhibits excellent dispersibility, excellent gloss and hiding power, and excellent ink absorption and drying properties.
Scope of application:Widely used in wire and cable, molded products, rigid pipes, special-shaped extrusion, floor tiles, films, powder coatings, synthetic resins, oily paint, emulsion paint, primary paint, footwear, tires, sponge, colloidal paste, rubber lining, belt hose, toothpaste, cosmetics, acid neutralizer and other industries.
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Calcium Carbonate Composition Analysis Table

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