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Washed kaolin (special for latex paint)


Kaolin series

English Name:

Washed kaolin

Molecular formula:


Molecular weight:

258.16 (according to the 1979 International Atomic Scale)





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Product Description

Washed kaolin (special for latex paint)
Performance:This product is mainly composed of igneous rocks, hydrothermal rocks and other parent rocks in the rock through natural weatherization. It is a light gray to light yellow powder, and the particles are hexagonal flake crystals. Slightly soluble in hydrochloric acid or acetic acid at room temperature.
Features:It has the advantages of good crystallization, high purity, fine particle size, moderate oil absorption, strong covering rate and good dispersion. It is easy to disperse in rubber compound, easy to process, smooth surface of rubber compound, and is conducive to the dispersion of carbon black in rubber compound when combined with carbon black.
Scope of application:Source Lei brand washed kaolin used in high-grade paint, paint, ink, rubber, plastic, wire, cable and so on.
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