Caring for Employees-Guangdong Yuanlei Powder Factory-Physical Examination Activities for Some Employees of Hengmei Yuan

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Caring for Employees-Guangdong Yuanlei Powder Factory-Physical Examination Activities for Some Employees of Hengmei Yuan


In order to better carry out occupational disease prevention and control work and understand the physical condition of each employee, Guangdong Yuanlei Powder Co., Ltd. Hengmeiyuan Factory organizes employees to conduct occupational health examinations. Protect the health of employees, enhance corporate cohesion, build a harmonious corporate environment, and fully reflect the company's care for employees and people-oriented corporate culture.


Regular meeting of production department


The production department will set off to prepare for the physical examination.


Do a health questionnaire before the physical examination.


Companyhas beenAll of them attach great importance to the physical and mental health of employees, organize employees to conduct physical health checks every year, and establish employee health files,Pay attention to the physical health of employees to track and record, to ensure that each employee can be full of spirit, healthy body into the work.


The examination items include blood pressure measurement, blood routine, internal medicine, lung function, electrocardiogram, hearing, vision examination and other items. The examination is detailed and comprehensive. After the examination, the physical examination report will be truthfully informed to the participating employees, and the occupational health files will be established and improved for each employee, so as to timely understand and check the physical condition of employees, Early prevention, early detection and early solution of major diseases.







The company has carefully arranged the physical examination schedule to ensure the smooth and orderly progress of the physical examination; it also actively coordinates with the hospital to make health status identification and conclusions for each employee, and put forward physical conditioning or treatment recommendations.

This health examination activity is conducive to the majority of employees to fully understand their physical condition, further enhance the health awareness of all employees, and reflect the cordial care of the company leaders for front-line employees. Through this health examination activity, colleagues have expressed that they should take root at the grass-roots level, base themselves on their own duties, strive for excellence, turn the concern of the company leaders into the driving force of their work, and escort the steady development of the products.






Guangdong Yuanlei Powder Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 and is located in Shunde, the central jurisdiction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, connecting with the world and radiating the blessed land of the mainland. Source Lei powder is a self-owned mine, self-production, independent marketing one of the modern enterprise. Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, which is known as the "Top 100 Town of Township Enterprises", has invested heavily in the construction of a modern factory with research and development functions. source lei powder sales network throughout south china, central china, east china, southwest and other regions.




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