Make concerted efforts to speed up the production and delivery of powder from production source lei

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2024-01-29 09:37


Make concerted efforts to speed up the production and delivery of powder from production source lei


In May, when the cold and warm alternate, the mild sunshine, the wind caressing the cheek, and the absence of cold, presented a production scene in full swing in the Hengmei Yuan factory of Guangdong Yuanlei Powder Co., Ltd.

Since the resumption of work and production, the source of Lei powder epidemic prevention work and production and operation work in an orderly manner, to ensure the safety and health of the office environment and production environment at the same time, steadily promote the production and progress, to ensure production efficiency and product quality, and strive to complete the annual task targets.



In the good spring season, orders from new and old customers all over the country are pouring in at the same time, and there is now a backlog of orders.While speeding up the production and supply, Yuanlei powder always puts the quality of powder production and processing in the first place. On the premise of ensuring safe production, the production progress of the workshop is rapidly promoted with good quality and quantity.In the production workshop of Jiangmen factory park, everyone performs their duties, is busy and orderly, and the operation from production to delivery is in good order. They go all out to strive for early delivery of customer orders, ensure timely arrival of customers, and provide good supply backing for customers.





With the "craftsman spirit" to build a solid battle "epidemic" fortress, the epidemic disrupted the rhythm of the market, but can not change the source lei powder on the quality of the consistent pursuit, source lei factory powder are high-quality products. From rapid order placing to rapid shipment, not only has the customer highly affirmed the company's performance ability, but also fully demonstrated the absolute ability and responsibility, and submitted a satisfactory answer to every partner who trusts and supports the development of Yuanlei.












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