Yuan Lei | Magnesium Strong Powder Series-Magnesium Strong Powder

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Yuan Lei | Magnesium Strong Powder Series-Magnesium Strong Powder


strong magnesium powder


English Name:Magnesium powder




PointsSonQuantity:24.31(Press1979 International Atomic Table)


C A S No: 7439-95-4        


Customs Code2519909910


GaugeLattice:There are1250 mesh,1500Objective,2000Objective,2500Objective,3000Objective,5000eyes, etc.


SexCan:White powdery substance.Good whiteness, strong hiding power.



Description of use


1. “YLFT"CardMagnesium powder is used to improve the processing performance of rubber plastic resin, such as compression molding, calendering, extrusion and injection.,Can replace some of the more expensive rubber10 to 15% to reduce raw material costs.


2. “YLFT"CardMagnesium powder is used in rubber plastic resin(Plasticizers), especially in foamed products, can help its processing molding, that is, reduce the friction between polymer molecules, so that the molecular bond is easy to move, so in the processing, whether it is compression molding, extrusion molding, will be able to shorten the molding time to improve productivity.


3.YLFT"CardMagnesium powder in the rubber resin, can change the physical properties of the product-increase tensile strength, impact strength, shear strength, distortion strength, hardness, reduce deformation, elongation, pad expansion coefficient, etc.


4.YLFT"CardAfter mixing magnesium powder with rubber, rolling or extrusion8 m/m ~ 10 m/m thickness of the sheet, a smooth and very beautiful surface, and can quickly reduce the bubble.



5. “YLFT"CardMagnesium powder in the paint, coating, resistance to exposure, high temperature, under ultraviolet light does not change color, can be longPeriod to maintain the original luster and color, has good acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and good water resistance, stain resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, steam resistance and chemical stability, and strong flame retardant properties.






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