Yuanlei Powder Lianzhou Factory Starts Production and Starts Reverse Trend to Accelerate Track

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2024-01-29 09:37


Yuanlei Powder Lianzhou Factory Starts Production and Starts Reverse Trend to Accelerate Track


After the outbreak, in the chemical, plastic, powder industry a cry, the source of Lei powder but handed over a bright report card-June 28, the source of Lei powder in Lianzhou calcium carbonate factory officially opened and put into production, after the announcement of the epidemic period source Lei powder restart to accelerate the track.



  "In the special period, manufacturers will be more cautious in their choices and defects will be infinitely magnified, which all put forward higher requirements for powder brands in terms of product quality and service. The launch of the machine against the trend shows that Yuanlei powder is highly recognized by the market, and good products and services provide strong support for the high-quality development of Yuanlei powder and pave the way for ushering in a new growth pole."



Since the beginning of this year, Yuanlei powder has taken the lead in strategic concept, accelerated the layout line, implemented Baidu love procurement, Alibaba and HC platforms have gathered target customers, enhanced brand exposure rate and realized accurate drainage. As the haze of the epidemic gradually dissipates, Yuanlei powder is more focused on the research of production quality. The new production equipment includes new ring roller vertical grinding equipment. Advanced powder grinding equipment makes Yuanlei powder products finer and more uniform in particle size distribution; it has advanced powder activity treatment equipment, which can carry out surface activity treatment on the powder, so that the product has higher-end performance to meet the special requirements of customers. Source Lei's laboratory is equipped with professional powder particle size analyzer, whiteness meter, moisture meter, activation detector and other equipment.



The competition between the market is very fierce, but Yuanlei powder is fearless and fearless. Jiangmen factory and Lianzhou factory are against the trend and are professional powder manufacturers trusted by customers.





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