Wollastonite powder in latex paint, can really replace titanium white?

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2024-01-31 14:48

Wollastonite powder in latex paint, can really replace titanium white?

Wollastonite powder is used in latex paint, which saves a lot of titanium white and reduces the cost without reducing the performance of latex paint. The advantage of the invention is that the wollastonite powder, which is not chemically treated, is directly used in the latex paint by selecting the dispersant, thus avoiding the pretreatment of the wollastonite powder and greatly reducing the coating cost. With 320 wollastonite powder instead of 30% titanium white, latex paint cost reduction range of 130~200 yuan (RMB)/ton.

Wollastonite can replace part of titanium white in the paint after being crushed to a certain particle size. The main disadvantage is that the coating is unstable and prone to precipitation.

The invention is a natural wollastonite crushed without chemical pretreatment, directly used in latex paint instead of 10 to 40% of titanium white, by adding a mixture of dispersant polyacrylic acid salt and sodium hexametaphosphate, to ensure the stability of this type of latex paint, reduce the cost. The weather resistance of latex paint is improved, and other properties are not reduced.

In the application of exterior wall latex paint, wollastonite has high hardness, Mohs hardness 4.5~5, low thermal expansion coefficient, belongs to the inert packing good weather resistance, its needle structure has anti cracking, high whiteness, good tinting strength, high color brightness, as an important filler more and more applications in exterior wall coatings.



In the application of interior wall latex paint, wollastonite was not used much in interior wall latex paint because of its yellow hue. Now, with the progress of deep processing technology of wollastonite production enterprises, the whiteness can reach more than 90 (for example, wollastonite JLH6W high whiteness of Shenzhen Jinhaohui Chemical can reach 92) can be used for interior wall paint.

The needle-like structure of wollastonite can improve the porosity of high PVC interior wall latex paint and thus improve the hiding power. The needle-like structure of wollastonite can help scrub resistance, and data show that adding 5-8% wollastonite to interior wall latex paint can improve scrub resistance 100 times. In addition, the needle-like structure of wollastonite can reduce the side angle light, improve the pressure light resistance, and improve the construction performance.


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